October Already? Why I Started Words of Encouragement

October Already? Why I Started Words of Encouragement

Happy October 1st!

Welcome to Words of Encouragement!


Just me, Dr. K. Lee! 🙂


Happy October 1st to all! What happened to September? I totally lost the last half, as you may have noticed by not seeing any blog posts since mid-September!


I have once again joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) this month for some additional motivation to write consistently. So for my first post on this new month, I thought I would re-introduce the back story and purpose of this blog (can also be found on my About page). I thought this would also be a good idea because I’ve recently joined several new blog groups on Facebook.

I decided to revise this blog, which was originally my very first blog several years ago, and dedicate it to my beloved Dad, Ben Willis, who lost his battle with lymphoma on Sept. 2, 2002 (over 16 years ago – doesn’t seem possible!) He was a giant of a man, loved by all who knew him, and one of his greatest strengths was his ability to encourage people. At his packed memorial service–standing room only–his gift of encouragement was the most often repeated tribute to his life.


That, therefore, is the goal of this blog – to encourage others through stories, verses, thoughts, and other bits of inspiration.


My blog header
                                                                          My blog header


The header, created by my wonderful friend Becky Willis (no relation to my Dad’s side of the family) of What You Talking ‘Bout, Willis, is symbolic of several things.

First, the brick background represents the fireplace that stood at what used to be the family homestead in Gilford, New Hampshire. It was the site of many family occasions as we gathered in front of that fireplace in the livingroom.

Second, the photos in the header all represent special moments in his life and our lives with him:

*The blue chair – This is identical to “his” chair in the livingroom at that childhood home in New Hampshire; the chair from which he shared many of his words of wisdom and encouragement.

*Dad’s photo – On the left, this was from happier, healthier times, during one of the many camping trips he and Mom enjoyed (taken from the photo below).

*Our photo – In  the center, this is my Dad and me; I edited this photo from a much larger family photo from about 20+ years ago, to create a new one specifically for this blog.

*The rowboat silhouette – On the right, this picture was from another camping trip; this one has my Dad and my oldest daughter Shara in it, fishing at dusk.

In Loving Memory of My Dad.
    In Loving Memory of My Dad


This blog is my attempt, in some small way, to honor my Dad’s memory and carry on his legacy of encouragement and inspiration, to help others as he helped all of us in his family, extended family, church family, and so many others during his lifetime. This is for you, Dad – I love you and miss you.

*NOTE* I also wrote my first book in his honor in 2012 for Father’s Day, entitled Fatherly Reflections. It is available as an ebook and printed book at Amazon.



My daughter Shara’s own reflections on the moment captured in this image of the rowboat with her and her Grampy, the same one as in the header, bring me to tears every time I read it:


“Grampy and I sat there for a good two hours, with our lines cast, anticipating the first nibble of some unsuspecting fish.

We didn’t talk; we didn’t have to.

The thoughts in our minds were too great, yet too simple for words.

This was our special place, a place where we didn’t have to talk to communicate, where people weren’t bothering us, where we could just sit and bask in the simplicity of it all.”

And that is the overall tone I am striving for in this blog, created in my Dad’s honor–for it to be a special place, where you dear readers can “just sit and bask in the simplicity of it all” and be encouraged and blessed.

So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Had you read my About page before?


If you have a blog, did you write it for a special person or a specific purpose?





54 thoughts on “October Already? Why I Started Words of Encouragement

  1. Love the meaning behind your header. It’s really sweet. I have joined the ultimate blog challenge as well but this will be a first for me. It’s nice to get to know you.

  2. Lovely post. You’ve been blessed with a wonderful father. I never had a good, solid relationship with mine. Keep his memories alive – blogging about him is a wonderful way to do it.

  3. I don’t think I have ever discovered a page/header with so much thought and meaning in it! Very enjoyable to read and understand your ideas behind it.

  4. Oh my… I wanted to do this this year, but October first has already come and gone and I wasn’t home for a moment to blog today. There’s always next year…

    I did enjoy your post though. Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man. And no, I hadn’t read your about page before. It’s nice to “meet” you.
    Heather Hart recently posted..When My Mama Bear Instincts & Faith CollideMy Profile

  5. I love that your blog is a tribute to honor your Dad’s memory and carry on his legacy of encouragement and inspiration, to help others. So often people just blog about random things or in a search for financial gain. But I find often that people use the internet for inspiration, tools, or just plain help. So with your mission to do this, I am sure you find ways to help others in ways you never even imagined. What a great way to honor your father’s memory.
    P.S.~ I love the canoe image of your dad and your daughter. Those are memories you will never forget!
    Eric Gamble recently posted..Exploring Cartagena Street ArtMy Profile

  6. This is such a beautiful post, very inspiring and really love reading this. I do love those quotes and I agree that we are created to make other’s life better.

  7. Words have the power to motivate or tear down. Sometimes we allow our emotions to say things that can actually hurt or even damage employee relationships. However when they are used correctly, they are great opportunities to ignite even greater passion.

  8. I haven’t read yours before, but I am glad I read this! 🙂 Thank you!! I started blogging just because I needed a good creative outlet. x

  9. I love blog challenges because sometimes it’s really difficult to figure out what to say! I think that’s a really sweet reason for your blog and it seems like your dad means a lot to you! I started my blog just because I needed an outlet for writing so I didn’t feel like my brain was going numb during the early years of parenting!

  10. I agree September flew by too fast. I love that you’re doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge as motivation to write consistently, I probably need to do it too.

  11. This is such a nice idea! So many people need encouragement in this crazy world. It is such a nice tribute to your dad!

  12. My goodness, what a beautiful tribute to your father. I have a very special one too. I have a tee shirt of his that I wear sometimes when I’m feeling blue or I’ll put on Willie Nelson tunes when I want to feel close to him. I can’t help but think of something Oprah said once. That our legacy isn’t what we’ve accomplished, but how many lives we’ve touched along the way. And it seems he touched more than one and now he also lives on through you and your wonderful blog. xx

  13. This is really sweet! I hadn’t read your about me before but I think this is just really sweet and I’m interested to see how you move forward with blog posts. I am part of a blogging team with my mom and my older sister. Our blog has been a way for us all to express ourselves with the twist that we’re all related. It’s definitely proven interesting.

  14. I love the theme/niche of your blog. What a great one to have! Mine is based in the only thing that I really know or am an expert at, hobby hunting. I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

  15. This is truly wonderful and touching. Losing a parent is always hard, but I am sure he would be very proud of you and also hold these memories fondly.

    I love the excerpt from your book as well, very well written and captivating. I’ll have to check it out!

  16. Awe, your post was so sweet! I lost my dad back when I was 19, so this post really stuck with me. Oh, and I haven’t tried the Blog Challenge! I’ll have to look into this.

  17. The ultimate blog challenge sounds like a good idea. I have not been writing consistently too. I love your header and the story behind it. So nice of you to dedicate it to your dad

  18. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily wrote my blog for a person, but I did start it while my mom was in the hospital. It gave me something positive to focus on in a tough time. I’m sorry about your dad. You just have to keep doing what you’re already doing which is honoring him and remember the good memories.

  19. Madame I believe the one who is motivated from inside and wants to motivate others so that donot go towards wrong path can only motivate others. However, your words touched my heart.

  20. Blog challenges during this month are so much fun. They definitely push us out of our comfort zones. Thank you for sharing your Dad’s memory with us.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love to hear about the backstory and what led people to blogging and this is just really sweet.

  22. I found this post very emotional, since I know what you have been going through all these years. My mom lost her battle with lung cancer and I miss her so much.

  23. I love reading the blog challenge posts. I wish you all the luck with the new direction of this blog I am sure you will do really well.

  24. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you miss him every now and then :(… I love your reasons behind creating your blog. I created my blog because I needed a place to express myself creatively.

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