Nix the Noise and Seek Solitude – February 12 Inspiration

Nix the Noise and Seek Solitude – February 12 Inspiration

Nix the noise. Seek solitude. In the midst of the debris polluting our planet, another kind of pollution may not be as obvious, but it’s just as harmful in its own way. I’m talking about noise pollution. If you take a few minutes to just sit or stand still and listen, you could probably name several things currently making noise in your surroundings: people, television, music, appliances, machines, pets (your own or others outside), telephone…

It’s amazing how much noise we become accustomed to, and how much all that noise interrupts or steals our solitude. Conversely, if you purposely shut out all the noise (usually early in the morning or late at night), the silence can almost be “deafening” as the absence of noise ironically emphasizes how much noise previously broke up the silence.


Here’s your Friday inspiration…

“One of the stress inducers

we face daily in our society is noise.

We live in a noisy society.

In order to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere,

we must create one.

Find a place that is quiet,

a place where you will not be interrupted,

and learn to enjoy simply being quiet

for periods of time.

Being still has a soothing effect on us.

Peace produces more peace.

If we find peaceful places and remain in them for awhile,

we will begin to feel calmness engulf our souls.

We cannot live noisy lives continually

and expect to feel peaceful.

Waiting on God quietly does more

to restore our bodies, minds, and emotions

than anything else.

We need it regularly.

Insist on it  and don’t let anyone take it from you.

Work your schedule around God–

don’t try to work Him into your schedule.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

I find this to be so true. Sometimes I purposely shut off noisy things (TV, music, machines) just to enjoy peace and quiet for awhile. I think this might be why I enjoy those peaceful moments right after my hubby leaves for work at 5:30 in the morning – or later at night, if I stay up to work on a project and he goes to bed early. There is something comforting and restorative about solitude.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you like to turn off the noise and enjoy solitude on a regular basis?

Do you have a favorite quiet place to meditate and rest from the noise?





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