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New Month, New Opportunities – August 1 Inspiration


Happy August 1st! It’s Monday AND the first day of a new month–not sure how many times in a year THAT happens! I now have one primary freelance job with excellent pay and long-term potential, which will allow me to focus on it instead of several short-term jobs or projects. I can also save that time I have been spending each week searching for new jobs, and invest it elsewhere, such as wrapping up my dissertation and doctorate program, AND doing more sewing, quilting, and blogging! 😉


So onto today’s inspiration and motivation to start off this new month of August…



“It is easy to leave unpleasant tasks for later.

Don’t be afraid to do what seems to be hard.

God will anoint you to do

whatever He tells you to do.

Good intentions are not acts of obedience,

and procrastination devours opportunities

to live a purposeful life.

Whatever God has inspired you to do–

do it today!”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:


Ah, this one is an “ouch” kind of devotional! The human tendency is to put off the harder or less pleasant tasks to do the easier or more enjoyable ones…AND to try to justify it as having “good intentions.” Oops! This line is especially revealing: “…procrastination devours opportunities to live a purposeful life.”


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you feel admonished by this one or do you find it easy to stay on task?

Do you struggle with procrastination or are you able to focus on doing what’s necessary to fulfill your purpose and potential?



  1. Carla

    I’m soooooo adopting this attitude today and seeing August not as a sad indicator summer is almost done, but as a beautiful BLANK SLATE.

    01 . Aug . 2016
  2. AnnMarie Brown

    As a cancer survivor I feel so blessed each morning when my feet can hit the floor and I have another day to make a difference in this life. I can touch others just like I have been touched by some amazing people in my life.

    01 . Aug . 2016
  3. tara pittman

    I do struggle with procrastination. I need to remember this quote to get me going.

    01 . Aug . 2016
  4. Rena McDaniel

    I am always one to put off the harder task till later, something to work on in this new month.

    01 . Aug . 2016
  5. Rachel @ Coffee, Cake, Kids

    I didn’t even think about the fact it’s a Monday and a new month – definitely right for a fresh start and getting motivated!

    01 . Aug . 2016
  6. Helen Collier

    I read a book called ‘Eat that Frog’ do the job you want to do the leas first

    01 . Aug . 2016
  7. Melanie Smith

    This day is so awesome! It is the best day to start a new resolution.

    01 . Aug . 2016
  8. Michelle Gwynn Jones

    I am not really a procrastinator. I also try not to set goals for myself that I really don’t want to reach.

    01 . Aug . 2016
  9. Ashley

    So true, I am guilty of leaving a task for later. Now I need to go reflect and do the stuff anyways!! lol

    01 . Aug . 2016
  10. Amy Jones

    Procrastination is my last name. It truly takes me effort sometimes to get stuff done but once I do I feel so relaxed!

    01 . Aug . 2016
  11. Elizabeth O.

    I normally prefer doing the more difficult tasks first before I finish the easier ones. For me it’s a better way to start with the day so that I don’t feel much pressure.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  12. Karlyn Cruz

    I like the starting of a month, it is like a new beginning for me. Great post.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  13. Vyjay

    I think procrastination is the thief of time, better to complete what has to be done and get it over with.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  14. Azlin Bloor

    I certainly procrastinate on the jobs I find tedious! Have a wonderful week!

    02 . Aug . 2016
  15. Mardene Carr

    Every day is a new day to start over, to do better than we did yesterday. Procrastination can cause stress so it should not be practiced too often

    02 . Aug . 2016
  16. Ana De- Jesus

    Happy August here is to less procrastination and more work getting done lol.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  17. Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor

    I don’t always believe that doing the hardest thing first is the right thing to do. It depends on the individual, for some people, being unable to complete the hardest task can be a demotivator.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  18. Martina Williams

    You seem to have a lot of things going on in August. What I do to keep track of my progress and stay focused it create lists with all the tasks I have to do. Organizing yourself is the best thing you can do to get more productive.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  19. Nicole Escat

    Oh, procrastination really kills me! I should be more focus on what I should be doing.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  20. Ruth Bowers

    This… “…procrastination devours opportunities to live a purposeful life.” is a message I needed to hear. I’m always saying I’ll do it later. I’m taking this to heart and ending my procrastinating ways starting now! 🙂

    02 . Aug . 2016
  21. LIz Mays

    I tend to put off those things I don’t like. But on the rare occasions when I get them done first, I feel like a million bucks.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  22. Christine Tatum

    I do procrastinate much more than I did years ago. I don’t know why that is happening, and I need to snap out of it!

    02 . Aug . 2016
  23. Jay Simms

    I definitely tend to push off the harder tasks to later when really I should get those out of the way first.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  24. Sarah Bailey

    I love this simply because when you seriously think about it you can’t be afraid to push yourself to do things that you think might just be too hard.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  25. Robin Rue

    I always love your words of inspiration and congrats on not having to spend so much time on smaller jobs or a search. Being able to focus on one thing and allotting more time for other things more enjoyable is great!

    02 . Aug . 2016
  26. Dawn McAlexander

    I must admit that I am guilty of putting off tough tasks. I am really trying more than ever now to keep from putting them off and just go ahead and tackle them and get them done.

    02 . Aug . 2016
  27. Claudette P. Esterine

    Happy new month to you! Wishing you and yours all the best. I am not much of a procrastinator – except for housework! 🙂

    02 . Aug . 2016
  28. Pamela

    Ah, the dissertation…my husband is working on his, too. Congrats on the new writing job. Leon Brown’s quote is so good!

    02 . Aug . 2016
  29. Wildish Jess

    Procrastination is my middle name! I’m also an messy organized person! lol

    03 . Aug . 2016
  30. wendy

    Happy new month to you as well! This month is always busy for me, from school starting for my child to his birthday. Too much to be sitting down for much of anything.

    03 . Aug . 2016
  31. Rosey

    I do have a bad habit of procrastinating. Not out of choice, but because I take on too much.

    03 . Aug . 2016
  32. Mardene Carr

    Each month can mean new opportunities for us. It depends on how you look at life. In fact, for me, each day is a chance to do better than I did the day before

    03 . Aug . 2016
  33. wendy

    I would love to start quilting again! It is a fun little hobby to have! 🙂

    04 . Aug . 2016
  34. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    I always give my best and do whatever it takes to fulfill my goals. Every day is an opportunity so I embrace them.

    05 . Aug . 2016
  35. Ayesha Heart

    Oh I am so working on this. We all have to stay focus so that we can achieve our goals faster. DO not give up!

    05 . Aug . 2016
  36. peace kairu

    Oh wowww that Joyce meyer quote got me, very inspiring post. I am anointed and I can achieve what God has called me to do

    06 . Aug . 2016
  37. Claudia Krusch

    This day is a great day! It is the best day to start a new goals and plans!

    07 . Aug . 2016
  38. Berlin

    Love the positivity. Its nearing the end of August and sorry this came too long. Nonetheless, I am grateful that readin your post happens only now that I most need it than weeks ago when I felt more stable.

    22 . Aug . 2016

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