My Middle Daughter’s 29th Birthday – April 3 Inspiration

My Middle Daughter’s 29th Birthday – April 3 Inspiration

They grow up so fast! I am thankful God blessed me with my third child, and second beautiful daughter, when Jennifer Danielle was born 29 years ago today!

I am so proud of her, for all she has overcome, and all she has accomplished, for her marriage, her home, and her career.


My daughter Jen and me just before her wedding in November 2013.
My daughter Jen and me just before her wedding in November 2013.


I’m so thankful she’s happily married to a loving, caring man, Andrew, who has a successful accountant career. I’m thankful she entered the nursing profession while my Mom was still alive, which made her so happy to see someone enter what was her lifelong career for over 50 years.


Me with Jen and my Mom at Jen's graduation from nursing school in May 2010.
Me with Jen and my Mom at Jen’s graduation from nursing school in May 2010.


I’m thankful and proud that Jen just completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree last month, and has talked about potentially becoming a Nurse Practitioner some day.

I still remember her when she was born, and as a little girl, then as a teenager and when she left  for college. The days, the years, went by so fast, but I’m so proud of the successful, compassionate woman she has become today!


Here’s your inspiration for this Sunday…

“In some ways, spiritual growth

can be compared to physical growth.

Sadly, many people

do not enjoy their children

while they are raising them.

At each stage of growth,

the parents wish the child

was in another stage.

If the child is crawling,

they wish he or she was walking,

out of diapers, in school,

getting married, and on and on.

Between each victory in your life,

there is a time of waiting,

 but it is usually difficult

because you want everything NOW!

As a Christian,

you grow throughout your lifetime

and never stop progressing.

Learn to enjoy each stage of life

as it comes,

because each has joys

uniquely its own.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

This is an emotional day for me, because of this daughter’s birthday and all these reflections on 29 years of her life, and the ups and downs as we both went through transitions in our lives.

I’m so thankful we are moving back toward a more balanced relationship and I’m looking forward to our planned move back to New Hampshire next summer so I can spend more time with her and my other daughter and my grandchildren!

The important part of this quote and directive is do that moving FORWARD and making progress, and enjoying each stage of life and its unique joys.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

If you have children, do you enjoy their ages and stages, or have you caught yourself wishing they were at the next stage?

Do you enjoy each stage of your life and its unique joys?


Jen and Andrew with the quilt I finally completed (from 2 years ago) this past Christmas 2015.
Jen and Andrew with the quilt I finally completed  this past Christmas 2015, after starting it for their wedding gift in November 2013.


5 thoughts on “My Middle Daughter’s 29th Birthday – April 3 Inspiration

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a beautiful quilt. I love it! My Mom, aunties, and Grandma all love to make quilts. I hope to make one of my own someday!

  2. I have 5 children. My daughter is 21 yrs old and is at Oxford university doing very very well for a career in social services work.
    My son is 19 yrs old. He joined the army at 17 and is making a very good career out of it as well as becoming an excellent soldier.
    My daughter is 17 yrs old she has autism but I have fought hard to get her into art college and she’s doing very good work and then there’s my 2 little girls aged 7 & 9. They were my second spring at life they are all beautiful,well mannered, well balanced, kind, respectful and loving. I feel blessed but I feel proud of myself because I have worked my ass off to ensure they kept on the right paths whilst growing up. I miss everyone of them as babies but I love who they are right now. Wouldn’t change a thing. My work isn’t isn’t done yet… So fingers crossed I can still pull my parenting out of the bag xx

  3. Such a beautiful post from a Mum.Reading it made think that this is something my mum would write for me. Love the beautiful quilt. I too am an April Baby 🙂

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