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My Dad’s 84th Birthday – Wish He Was Here to Celebrate It!



is my Dad’s 84th Birthday…

his 15th in Heaven!




I am thankful that on this day 84 years ago, one of the best men ever was born. He grew up to serve his country in the army, to get married and raise 4 kids, to become grandfather to 11 grandchildren, and great-grandfather to 8 great-grandchildren (and another on the way this July). He never had the joy of meeting any of the great-grandchildren, nor have they had the pleasure of knowing him, since lymphoma stole him much too soon over 14 years ago on September 2, 2002, at the age of 69.


At all times, he loved his Lord, his wife, his children, his grandchildren, his other family members, and his friends. He was one of the best role models and life examples of being a godly man.

~I know this because he was my beloved Dad.~


My Dad and me from a birthday long ago.
My Dad and me from a birthday long ago. We used to celebrate together, as our birthdays were 2 weeks apart (his on the 15th, mine on the 29th).



Dad, I’m thankful you’re healthy and pain-free in heaven, as we remember what would have been your 84th birthday.


My Dad on his 50th birthday, 8 years younger than I will be in 2 weeks!
My Dad on his 50th birthday, 9 years younger than I will be in 2 weeks (this picture is from an album I made for my son’s 30th birthday).




~But I miss you and your hugs SO much, Dad!~


I wish you could have met Dave, and welcomed and loved him as a son, and all of the spouses of your grandchildren, who you would have loved and welcomed into the family.


I wish you could have met all your great-grandchildren, and held them in your famous “grampy” pose – or what would have been now a great-grampy pose!



My Dad doing the "Grampy Pose" that he did with every one of his grandchildren.
My Dad doing the “Grampy Pose” that he did with every one of his grandchildren.



While our lives will never be the same without your loving, encouraging presence with us, our lives are richer and blessed for having had you with us for as long as you were.


I know you are enjoying dwelling in your heavenly residence with the Lord you served all your life, with Mom by your side since 2012 when she joined you there, and with all those other loved ones who have gone on before us.


I know you must watch over us now and look forward to that heavenly reunion when it’s each of our turns to leave this earth. I look forward to seeing you again some day and feeling your loving embrace and big bear hug once again. Love you, Dad!


My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement.
My Dad, the inspiration for this blog, because of his gift of encouragement.



This is the book I wrote in Dad’s honor  and memory, entitled Fatherly Reflections.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?

Have you lost anyone special to you, either recently or long ago (and still feels recent)?

Do you have difficulties emotionally when special days arise, like birthdays and holidays?




  1. Alice Gerard

    My dad’s birthday was on March 3rd. If he were still with us, he would have been 96 years old. He was a great character and had a wild sense of humor and a lead foot when he drove, which attracted the police. He had gone to driving school so many times that he memorized the program. I miss him every day but am grateful that he no longer the pain of bladder cancer. I dedicate a luminaria to him every year at Relay for Life. I miss him so much. He was so smart and so funny and can’t be replaced.

    15 . Mar . 2017
  2. Nicola

    A very touching tribute to your Dad. Wishing you much comfort in your memories of him.

    18 . Mar . 2017

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