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Moving Forward in Confidence – February 9 Inspiration


Moving forward in life, with confidence and without fear. Definitely a goal to strive for, even though it can be challenging at times. This idea goes back to a previous post about stepping out to find out. We can’t learn what’s coming up in life without moving forward, turning to the next page in our lives.



Here’s your inspiration for today…


“A confident woman believes she is loved,

valuable, cared for, and safe in God’s will.

When we feel secure,

it’s easy to step out and take a chance on failing

in order to try to succeed.

When we know we are loved for ourselves,

and not just for our accomplishments or performance,

we no longer need to fear failure.

We are free to find our own niche in life,

 which is not possible without stepping out.

Trial and error is the road to success,

and you can’t drive that road

as long as your car is parked.

So get moving, and God will direct you.

When people are confident,

they try things, and they keep trying until

they find a way to be successful

in what God has called them to do.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I love the idea of being a “work in progress” — nobody is perfect, but we can continue to strive for excellence in our lives.

I also like the statement: “Trial and error is the road to success, and you can’t drive on that road as long as your car is parked.” Similar analogy again to not opening the automatic door until you step forward to trigger the mechanism. You can stare at it all day, but it won’t open until you step forward!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you boldly step forward in life? Are you already operating within your niche?


Happy Birthday today to my darling hubby Dave!
Happy Birthday today to my darling hubby Dave!


  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I think we are works in progress for all of our lives!

    09 . Feb . 2016
  2. Wendie

    One of my mentors says to take imperfect action, it reminds me to put the car in gear.

    09 . Feb . 2016
  3. Ana De- Jesus

    I need to learn to be more confident and put the past behind me.

    09 . Feb . 2016
  4. Lois Hoffman

    I love that I am a work in progress!

    09 . Feb . 2016
  5. tara pittman

    We will always be a work in progress. I will always try harder.

    09 . Feb . 2016
  6. Healing Tomato

    I am learning to take bold steps and it is giving my self-confidence a completely different boost. Your post is very inspirational.

    09 . Feb . 2016
  7. Salma

    This is something I work towards each day.

    10 . Feb . 2016
  8. Elizabeth O.

    I love the idea of being a work in progress too. I admire people who has found their passion but it’s also nice to keep trying new things.

    10 . Feb . 2016
  9. april grant

    Thankfully you always shared a inspiring post. Thanks for making us inspired for your every post

    10 . Feb . 2016
  10. Dogvills

    Oh yes, we are all a work in progress. I will also try try harder.

    10 . Feb . 2016
  11. Eugenia

    I am not perfect. I am a work in progress and progressively trying to do my best

    10 . Feb . 2016
  12. Claudette

    You are indeed right that we are “works” in progress! Thanks for the devotional.

    10 . Feb . 2016
  13. Mardene Carr

    YES I am a confident woman because I serve a great big wonderful God….

    10 . Feb . 2016
  14. Tamason Gamble

    It doesn’t matter how much you strive for perfection you will never get there so I like the idea of moving towards perfection instead.

    10 . Feb . 2016
  15. Liz Mays

    I tend to tiptoe forward. I’m always a bit skittish about new things so I ease into the future.

    10 . Feb . 2016
  16. Amy Jones

    I love your writing this is such a possitive message and i totally agree with you

    10 . Feb . 2016
  17. Barbara

    Thanks for such an inspiring post. As I turn the next page in a new season of life, I’ll remember this truth.
    Blessings 🙂

    10 . Feb . 2016
  18. Rosey

    I’m bolding. I have no choice. 🙂

    10 . Feb . 2016
  19. Alana

    I feel that my writing can be an agent of change. I’ve never been a bold person. Can I be that person? Taking small steps towards that goal.

    10 . Feb . 2016
  20. Marielle Altenor

    I do believe that I am a work in progress. Always thriving to do better! Awesome post!

    10 . Feb . 2016
  21. Patrice M Foster

    These are great words of encouragement ..I especially like a confident woman love herself. I think I am always a work in progress an it’s a good thing to move forward … Change is good.

    11 . Feb . 2016
  22. Jenn Peters

    I’m definitely a work in progress. The important things is that I continually work on making that progress.

    12 . Feb . 2016
  23. Nickely Challenged

    I definitely agree with when you feel loved for who you are you feel fearless and confident. I try to make sure to give that to everyone I meet. Thanks for sharing.

    25 . Feb . 2016

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