Messes and Motivation

Messes and Motivation

What to Do…

About Messes and Motivation!



[Sorry for the lapse in daily posts! I have been away for a few days, visiting family out of state, attending a double birthday party for two of my granddaughters whose birthdays are only about 2 weeks apart, AND taking it easy to get over a sinus infection!]


We’re nearly halfway through the 9th month of 2017–about 3 1/2 months to go! Are you motivated to take action and to clean up any “messes” that have occurred so far this year?


Nothing gets done unless we take action. Obviously we need to first create a plan and intend to carry out the plan, but only action will ensure the plan is fulfilled.




It would be like setting out all the ingredients for a batch of cookies, intending to make them, and then just standing there looking at the collection of ingredients and the recipe.


[Source: morgueFile free photos]

No fresh baked cookies will magically materialize without following that recipe, combining the ingredients properly, scooping cookie dough into individual cookie shapes onto a pan, and baking the cookies at the right temperature for the right amount of time. Then, of course, we need to clean up the mess left behind from mixing and baking the cookies, before we enjoy the outcome of our efforts.


Our little Loki, snuggled into the back of a quilt I made, while I was trying to take a picture of it!


I think of the same analogy with quilting. You can buy the fabric, cut the pieces, lay them out all pretty, and admire them as you think about how the finished quilt will look. But until you start sewing pieces together to make blocks, and blocks together to make rows, and rows together to make the top — and add borders, batting, and backing, and stitch all the layers together — you won’t have a quilt. And with quilting, there’s also the mess to clean up (strands of cut thread, bits of fabric, sewing machine lint), although it’s a bit cleaner than cooking supplies!



Here is your bit of inspiration for today…


“Get up and start doing whatever you can do to get the messes in your life cleaned up.

Don’t worry about what your spouse  is not doing; just do your part and God will reward you.

If you have a financial mess, stop spending and start paying off your debts.

A lot of laziness is rooted in fear. People are so afraid to do something, they form a habit of doing nothing. They sit idly by and become jealous of the people who have the life they would like to have. They fail to realize things cannot work out for them, if they don’t work!

Remember: If you do what you CAN do, God will do what you CANNOT do.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My Reflections


This is certainly one of those “kick in the butt” kind of devotionals!  All the focus is on each of us individually to be personally responsible and accountable for our own actions.


Two of my favorite lines: “People are so afraid to do something, they form a habit of doing nothing.” And “If you do what you CAN do, God will do what you CANNOT do.”



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you find it difficult to focus only on what YOU need to do for positive changes in your life, instead of what others around you need to do, OR what THEY think YOU should do?


Have you ever chosen to do nothing, instead of something, simply out of fear or not knowing the best action to take?










5 thoughts on “Messes and Motivation

  1. This is a great post and I feel inspired by it. I have a collection of pears and a few peaches. Also, tomorrow, I’ll collect some apples. I won’t just look at my collections; I’ll make peach/pear sauce and pear/apple sauce.

  2. wow, this is exactly how i perceive life. if i want a better life, i need to get moving. just sitting around complaining is not going to get me the life of my dreams. well written.

  3. Nice post. A great daily reminder to take life one step at a time. Yes, a lot of us sit and wait to get that great big jolt of inspiration. The problem is unless we get the blood moving with action, that jolt may never come. Just gone through a Hurricane named Irma. Lots of action in preparation. Now I feel like doing nothing. Not good. Working on it! haha.

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