1. This is a great post and I feel inspired by it. I have a collection of pears and a few peaches. Also, tomorrow, I’ll collect some apples. I won’t just look at my collections; I’ll make peach/pear sauce and pear/apple sauce.

  2. wow, this is exactly how i perceive life. if i want a better life, i need to get moving. just sitting around complaining is not going to get me the life of my dreams. well written.

  3. Nice post. A great daily reminder to take life one step at a time. Yes, a lot of us sit and wait to get that great big jolt of inspiration. The problem is unless we get the blood moving with action, that jolt may never come. Just gone through a Hurricane named Irma. Lots of action in preparation. Now I feel like doing nothing. Not good. Working on it! haha.

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