Maximize Your Time – April 7 Inspiration

Maximize Your Time – April 7 Inspiration

Maximize your time. I am on a mission now to do just this as I make up for lost time over the past few days. Actually, the time was not lost, it was simply redirected into other obligations that had to take priority over blogging. I have not always been the best at maximizing my time, but now that I have this new full-time freelance career position, it’s something I MUST learn to do well!


So here is your belated April 7 inspiration that you can still enjoy any time you read it!


“I believe that being fruitful

makes one confident.

We are not created by God

to waste anything He has given us,

and time is certainly

one of the greatest assets we have.

Everyone has the same amount of time,

and yet some do so many things with theirs

while others do little or nothing.

You will never experience confidence

if you waste your life and your time.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I think the most significant point I get from this devotional is how maximizing time and productivity also increases your confidence. Since I have struggled with this issue all my life, I no longer want to waste my time and my life, but rather maximize it to its fullest potential. And I have started to experience how the more productive my day is, the more confident and better I feel at the end of the day.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you struggle with time management?

Or are you one who successfully maximizes your time?






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