1. Life and death are in the tongue and we shall eat the power thereof! I find it interesting that in Genesis, the way some fathers “blessed” their sons wasn’t a blessing at all – it was a prophetic declaration of their future! I don’t think that God-given kingdom authority has faded with time.
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  2. This is terrific! Isnt it amazing how our parents can leave an impact on our lives? My dad used to collect thoughts and anecdotes. He literally had file cabinets FULL of them. He was so organized. Had them categorized by subject. Every year, he’s pull a few pages from different subjects and make copies of the thoughts – enough for every day of the year, and then he would give that as a gift.
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  3. The first one …….. speak the nice thoughts…. I find this hard to do. I’m not sure why.
    I notice how my sister in law does this at work often with our customers and while I think it, I rarely say it.

    Some of it is that I have to be pretty single minded at work about what I’m doing or I can easily get lost and screw something up. We run our own very busy retail store and deal with some very important paperwork too.

    I live very much in my own head and always have. Maybe because I’m a single child?
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  4. You are so right that words really do go father than we ever realize in a person’s life! Let’s all try to be more aware of what we speak, and speak good things into people’s lives!

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