1. I too concur with your thoughts about anxiety and #3. A lot can be said of course, for living in the present moment. I try to take deep breaths whenever I feel life taking a hold of me and try to remember what’s really important. Gratitude is the door into “the living.”

  2. The first line about not worrying about it being March 10 immediately gave me comfort. I am amazed at how quickly this year is flying by… but I need to continue to enjoy it and I thank you for the reminder.

    These are awesome posts…. and I too need to not worry or be anxious for nothing. We can trust God… we are of God…. so there is no need. 🙂 Thank you for this gift of this post.

  3. Ashley

    Having dealt with anxiety almost my whole life I can relate to the idea of “relaxing and trying to remain calm.” But I also know positive thinking isn’t a cure for anxiety issues, it goes a lot deeper. It definitely helps tho!

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