Making Plans as the Year Winds Down

Making Plans as the Year Winds Down

Wow, we’re fast coming to the end of December…and 2017! Do you have a plan as we head into the final holidays of 2016, heading into 2017? Planning our work and other activities of our lives is always important, but perhaps even more so when life gets even busier and more hectic. It’s better to plan our work and then work the plan, than fail to plan, which is nearly the equivalent of planning to fail!



Here is your inspirational thought for this Saturday, 8 days before Christmas.


“God has a perfect plan for all those

who put their faith in Jesus Christ

as Lord of their lives.

You can walk in the perfect will of God

if you will learn how to hear from Him

and follow His instructions.

But listening to Him is your decision.

God won’t force you to choose His will.

However, He will do everything He can

to encourage you to say yes to His direction.” 

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right” 



My reflections:

All about choice. Choosing to listen and follow God’s will and plan for the day, not allowing the weather or any other circumstances to negatively impact how we live our lives each day.

It’s also a choice to develop and implement a plan for whatever work we have in front of us. To plan our work, and work out plan – NOT plan to fail, because we failed to plan!



So what are YOUR thoughts?

Did you ever think about the fact that even listening to God’s voice is a choice, just as much as choosing to follow His plan for your life is a choice?

Do you have a plan for your work, so you can work your plan?



One thought on “Making Plans as the Year Winds Down

  1. Having a plan and trying to stay focused on sticking to what you need to do is not always easy, but not difficult 🙂 It is a must if you want to have a successful plan that helped you reach your goals. Winding down these last couple of weeks of 2016 is getting me excited on the new year ahead and the many possibilities that in front of me!

    Great post Karen!
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