Making It Work Monday – May 18 – Guest Blog Featuring Maria Hass

Making It Work Monday – May 18 – Guest Blog Featuring Maria Hass

Making it work Monday because my hubby had to go back to work today and he was worried about me getting around at home with no help. My dear mom-in-law stopped by during late morning and took the dogs out and did a few chores. I’m propped up in bed with my juice, tea, snacks, and meds…typing left-handed between short naps!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in a small “mastermind” blog group on Facebook and we have been promoting one another’s blogs with a Q & A type format, meaning I can primarily copy/paste content. So I have a few scheduled guest blogs; today’s post features Maria Hass and her blog, Confessions of a First Timer (Homeschooling, Fitness, and Faith).

Maria Hass
Maria Hass



Q. What made you choose homeschooling?

A. It was a combination of things, really. First of all, prayer. I had been stuck in a job I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life and I was praying about career choices or ministry choices. I asked God to give me a passion for something that I could do to bless my family. The first thing He spoke to me about was that my family needed me at home and not working 40+ hours a week. That more than any money Mommy could bring in, what kids wanted was just… Mommy.

Then there were incidents with my oldest throughout the years that wore me out. I knew he was a brilliant child. It got exhausting to discuss why I wasn’t having him tested for ADHD and I was NOT putting him on ADHD medication…. And then address the behavioral issues that resulted from him being bored…

The final straw, however, was when his second-grade teacher treated my son like a sexual predator as a result of comments said during lunch, called the Office of Children’s Services on our family, and for two months made him sit in his own urine because he wasn’t trusted with other boys to go pee when they all had their bathroom breaks. When all this came to the surface, I had a nervous meltdown, but then I recalled praying and God telling me He wanted me to come home and I realized that had I obeyed Him sooner, my son wouldn’t have gone through that painful experience altogether.


Q. What was your biggest struggle in fitness?

A. My biggest struggle physically (other than the mental barriers to just go for it) was the pain. I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and my joints hurt. Even after auto-immune suppressants and prescription pain medications. The swelling and the pain resulting from anything at times made me want to cry and give up. But not exercising hurt me just as bad, too, and I was losing range of motion in some joints. So I focused primarily on my diet because I knew I wasn’t in a place where I could work out for an hour to burn off the hamburger from Carl’s Jr.

And then I was gracious enough with myself to make the exercising work for me – maybe by splitting a 30 minute workout in half and doing a piece in the morning and a piece at night. Or following the low-impact modifications. Or replacing some workouts all together (I was not doing burpees any time soon, but I could handle some push-ups against a wall, so there I went…). I carried a bottle of Ben-Gay, bandaged my knees as necessary, and tried to do SOMETHING again the next day.


Q. If you could only teach one lesson to your kids, what would it be?

A. If I fail at homeschooling and everything else, I want my kids to know God’s Word – and that it IS LIVING and ACTIVE, sharper than a double-edged sword… That they CAN turn to the Bible for answers about everything in life, that God speaks through the Bible, and that it is completely safe and trustworthy to build your life based on what that book says! I feel like if I have failed at THIS, then I failed at homeschooling.


Q. What is something that you hope for right now that can’t be seen any other way except by faith? How does faith make it clear?

A. This is a tough one. But I am hoping for us to be home owners. And I feel like I will end up writing a book or two. And I will be a certified personal trainer and a group fitness instructor. Our finances are not very encouraging, especially since I won’t sacrifice homeschooling for extra cash. And I wouldn’t even know where to begin writing a book. And being a certified personal trainer requires expensive certifications (maybe not as much as a college degree, but still not doable under our current budget). Faith makes it clear because I feel like I can’t let these dreams go, and I believe that God can work around any of our struggles to make these things happen.



Thanks, Maria!  🙂

Readers, you can connect with Maria at her various social media sites:

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Confessions of a First Timer Instagram


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Would you also have chosen homeschooling if your child and family suffered the same experience?

Do you have similar physical challenges when it comes to fitness? How about challenges to your faith?




Remember that you can still read Psalms and Proverbs to accompany each day on my page, Daily Scripture Readings. AND you have an opportunity to put compassion into action–whether through praying, sharing the linked causes, and/or donating.






9 thoughts on “Making It Work Monday – May 18 – Guest Blog Featuring Maria Hass

  1. Well…deep breath! First, my mother had RA. That was back in the mid 1960’s, when there was no treatment, and she died young, in a lot of pain. She was already losing her ability to walk. I’ve experienced, second hand (through the eyes of a child – me- I was 12 when she passed) some of what you describe. As for your homeschooling-I’m struggling to find the right words because I sense a lot of guilt in you for not following what you were told in prayer sooner, with your son suffering as a result. I do not believe that other people are punished for our actions or lack of action. School personnel hurt your son, not your delayed action. The important thing is you TOOK the action when you DID know, and when you were in a position to.
    Alana recently posted..Thoughts of Failing a Falling ClassMy Profile

    1. Thank you Alana! You’re right. It wasn’t so much guilt as it was the decision not to fight with the school district and just bring him home.

      I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. RA is an auto-immune illness that is often misunderstood; people have confused it with “lazyness”, “lack of will power”… You have to experience it (or witness it in a loved one) to grasp how crippling it could be.

      Thanks for taking the time to read Karen’s guest post!

  2. Your experiences have helped me see how other people can overcome their pain and guilt. Sometimes, it’s so hard to do. But nobody could hold themselves responsible for someone else’s actions. Just as it would be foolish to blame God for a car accident caused by a drink-driver. Hold your head high and carry on.

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