1. Well…deep breath! First, my mother had RA. That was back in the mid 1960’s, when there was no treatment, and she died young, in a lot of pain. She was already losing her ability to walk. I’ve experienced, second hand (through the eyes of a child – me- I was 12 when she passed) some of what you describe. As for your homeschooling-I’m struggling to find the right words because I sense a lot of guilt in you for not following what you were told in prayer sooner, with your son suffering as a result. I do not believe that other people are punished for our actions or lack of action. School personnel hurt your son, not your delayed action. The important thing is you TOOK the action when you DID know, and when you were in a position to.
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    • Thank you Alana! You’re right. It wasn’t so much guilt as it was the decision not to fight with the school district and just bring him home.

      I’m sorry to hear about your Mom. RA is an auto-immune illness that is often misunderstood; people have confused it with “lazyness”, “lack of will power”… You have to experience it (or witness it in a loved one) to grasp how crippling it could be.

      Thanks for taking the time to read Karen’s guest post!

  2. Your experiences have helped me see how other people can overcome their pain and guilt. Sometimes, it’s so hard to do. But nobody could hold themselves responsible for someone else’s actions. Just as it would be foolish to blame God for a car accident caused by a drink-driver. Hold your head high and carry on.

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