Making It Monday – Process of Patience – April 20 Devotions

Making It Monday – Process of Patience – April 20 Devotions

Hey, hey, it’s Monday again – how are you doing? Making it through the day so far? It’s fast approaching 3pm here in Maine and I’ve been busy since I got up the second time. The first time was about 4:50am to do my usual weekday morning routine to help hubby get out the door with his lunch and his full coffee thermos and travel mug; then I went back to bed to get a little more sleep and ended up not getting up again until close to 9am!


Seems like I typically lose Monday mornings to catching up with everything that didn’t get done over the weekend – housework, emails, messages, blog posts… So yeah, feeling a little impatient about not getting to OTHER stuff I need to do, yet…so today’s devotional thoughts were, once again, very timely… imagine that!




So onto today’s devotional shares. Remember, you can read Psalms and Proverbs to accompany each day on my page, Daily Scripture Readings– and check out my new page, where you can have an opportunity to put compassion into action.



 “In the beginning chapters of the book of Genesis, we see a prophetic word that things will ‘come to pass.’ In fulfillment of this word, the expression ‘it came to pass’ is used hundreds of times throughout the KJV Bible. The last book of the Bible, Revelation, speaks of ‘things which must shortly come pass’ (see Revelation 1:1 KJV).


That should tell us in this life whatever exists now, or will exist in the future, is not permanent, but temporary. The good news is, no matter how dismal our current situation or outlook, we are assured by God, ‘This, too, shall pass.’


Life is a continual process in which everything is constantly changing. If we can grasp that truth, it will help us make it through the difficult times in which we find ourselves. It will also help us not to hold on too tightly to the good times, thinking, ‘If I ever lose all this, I just can’t make it.’


God wants us to enjoy all of life–not just its destination, but also the trip itself.” 


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”  



“Father, I thank You for the people in my life who seem to bring more pain than joy, for I believe You have let our paths cross for important reasons. Thank You for the good things You want to do in my life through the things that bother me (their irritating habits – their moodiness – their unloving ways – their demands – their insensitivity – their unrealistic expectations).


I praise You that I need not fret about these people, or be envious, or mull over angry thoughts to prove I’m right. Thank You that by Your power I can receive them as You receive me: just as I am, warts and wrinkles and hang-ups and all…I can choose not to judge them, but to forgive them, to cancel any debts I feel they owe me–any apologies, any obligations…through Your grace, I can choose to wipe clean any slate of grievances I have within me, and to view these people with a heart that says, ‘You no longer owe me a thing.’


Thank You for Your spirit who empowers me, so that I can do them good, delight in You, and commit my way to You, resting in You as You unfold Your good purposes in these relationships –in Your time.”   


–Ruth Myers in “31 Days of Praise”


-1- How many times I’ve heard that line: “This, too, shall come to pass.” So patience is a process…and ironically, we can’t learn patience without going through challenging or difficult times to develop patience! We have to give up the idea of instant gratification: “I want patience, and I want it RIGHT NOW!”  And enjoying the trip, not just the destination…good word!


-2- Again, the process of patience is involved while we go through trials and tribulations with our loved ones and others who, as this one says, sometimes bring us more pain than joy. And we just have to wait, patiently, while God works out the details…



So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you get impatient about gaining more patience in challenging, stressful, or difficult situations?


Do you find it even more difficult to be patient with people who seem to cause grief in your life, in one way or another?


12 thoughts on “Making It Monday – Process of Patience – April 20 Devotions

  1. Patience is one of most professed virtues in the bible in addition to faith. It definitely is something I am learning to master and I think in part of it is that I’m learning to trust God entirely. With that trust there is no need to be in a frenzy at all times. I can breathe and just relax because I know all things are working together for good. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed this Karen. Thank you.

  2. Patience of Job… that’s always been a challenge for me. I absolutely love love love the patience quote by Joyce Meyer. SO true! Patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.
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