1. Alice Gerard

    Yes, I’ve tried to reopen closed doors. They are usually stuck shut and they don’t open easily, except for the ones that I closed on my own. I’ve discovered that, if I go back and reopen the doors that I’ve closed, they were never really closed in the first place. One door that I shut was the one that led to my art room. I decided that I had no talent and I closed the door. That was a mistake. I had no right to judge myself so harshly and to reject a gift from God like that. After much encouragement from others, I went back to that room. It was waiting for me the whole time. The door was never really closed. It was ajar. I went into the room and it was bright, colorful, and welcoming. It is a good place and the door is not closing for a long time.

  2. Ruth Bowers

    I’ve definitely tried to open closed doors. Sometimes it seems like going backwards to what was familiar and safe is easier than going forward. Only it never works out that way because those doors were closed for a reason. Now I try to embrace new doors and move forward without looking back, longing for what was.

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