Life’s 3 Cs: Challenges, Choices, and Consequences – August 21 Inspiration

Life’s 3 Cs: Challenges, Choices, and Consequences – August 21 Inspiration

Belated Sunday greetings ( I was offline and not feeling well most of the day yesterday) – it’s the final Sunday of August, already! I receive these devotional thoughts in my email every morning from Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries. I decided to share  this one to start off this week.



This is an excerpt from the Daily Devotions by Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries:


What you decide to eat for lunch and what you decide to wear don’t have long-lasting repercussions in life. But there are other decisions that are very important, like whom you will marry and what career path you take. And the most important choice of all is whether you will follow Jesus Christ.


You could call it the three Cs of life: challenges, choices, and consequences. We face challenges every day. Sometimes those challenges will come in the form of an opportunity that we can take advantage of. At other times they will come in the form of a temptation that hopefully we’ll resist. Then we have the choices we will make. And then we have the consequences of those choices. If we have made the right choices, there will be good consequences. If we have made the wrong choices, there will be bad consequences.


We need to make the right choices in life because it can affect the entire course that our lives take. The choices of life are binding in eternity. You will make choices today that will affect you forever. You make your decisions, and then your decisions make you.” –Pastor Greg Laurie


My reflections:

I think this devotional is excellent and a good reminder to keep in mind on a daily basis. Especially in this day and age, it seems too many people have forgotten there are consequences for their actions and choices. But it truly is a matter of reaping what you sow, what  goes around comes around, karma, or whatever you choose to call it. My Dad used to call them “lessons of life” – and they DO happen!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you find these 3 Cs of life to be relevant for you?

What are other important choices and challenges you face in life that have long-term consequences?


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