Let Trials Pass Like a Train

Let Trials Pass Like a Train!


Sometimes it feels like trials and tribulations run us over when we least expect them…or when we’re already in a weakened condition and have no strength left to stand. Yet just as the last car of the train eventually goes by while we sit waiting at the track, so will the trials that enter our lives. If we learn what we need to during the waiting period, then once the train passes, we can cross the track and move forward once again.





Here’s your Friday inspiration..

“Trials can come like a freight train–one car after another, after another–but eventually the last car passes.

When problems seem unceasing, remind yourself, ‘This too shall pass.’ God will give you fresh anointing daily to handle everything that comes into your life.

Each time you endure a tough day, you can sleep it off and start again the next day…God’s favor is for a lifetime; weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning (see Psalm 30:5).”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”




My Reflections


Believe me, I know it’s really difficult to be patient in the midst of trials, but it’s a good reminder to think of the train analogy. Some trains (trials) are longer than others, but eventually, they do pass by and the track is finally clear so we can move forward.





So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


What do you think of the train analogy regarding trials?


Have you experienced some especially L O N G trains at times?




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  1. Wonderful explanation for trials.True! Ayou r tests make you a better person .

  2. This too shall pass … is a terrific reminder.

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