Let Go of the Weight of Worry and Let God Carry Your Cares

Let Go of the Weight of Worry and Let God Carry Your Cares

God Wants to Carry Your Cares!




[In light of recent events, especially this tragic mass murdering spree that occurred at the country music concert in Las Vegas, it seemed appropriate to share this recent post again.]


Let go and let God carry your cares, because He cares for you. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially with the weight of problems and tragedies in the world. We tend to want to hold onto our “cares” and problems, perhaps feeling like if we let go, we are not in control, and that allows fear to enter the picture. But I think that’s the point: we need to recognize and understand when we’re struggling and overwhelmed, we really are NOT in control and we need to allow God to take the reins, because He truly cares for us and knows best how to resolve our problems. It really is NOT our “job” to worry!

Here is your inspiration for today…

“Do you know God wants to take care of you?

It’s true. He wants you to give Him all your cares, your problems, your failures–and in exchange, He will give you beauty.

Many people want God to take care of them, but they continue worrying or trying to figure out the answers to their problems instead of waiting for His direction.

It’s a great privilege to be cared for by the King of kings, so give up your worries and concerns to Him and enjoy His protection, stability, and fullness of joy.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My Reflections


I just really needed to read this today! I was feeling especially overwhelmed with the weight of grief due to a tragic accident last Friday that took the life of a family member’s beloved pet (I wrote about it yesterday, if you would like to read it: On Grieving the Loss of Pets). That, and of course all of the most recent bizarre weather events that have resulted in loss of life and property, and this senseless mass murder in Las Vegas.

Then I read this devotional! It was like a personal word from God!

So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you find it easy or difficult to “let go and let God” be in control?


Have you ever experienced the peace that comes from casting your cares on God instead of trying to carry them yourself?








5 thoughts on “Let Go of the Weight of Worry and Let God Carry Your Cares

  1. Don’t have trouble giving God my problems. My issue is letting Him keep them, sometimes I take them back. We are not in control, remembering that and acknowledging who is in control makes life a lot easier.

  2. Over the last 2 years, I’ve seen God work faithfully in my life. It has made it easier to trust him knowing He cares and does provide our daily bread.

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