1. Elizabeth O.

    Sometimes it’s the fact that we keep holding on that keeps us from being free from our doubts, worries, and emotions! When in fact we just really have to let go and let God. It’s important to stop trying to control things that you simply cannot control.

  2. Nikki Jenner

    I like this post, I was inspired by your thoughts. It is very important that we hold on to God.

  3. Nope not really. I have an issue that I’m working with my coach on about letting go especially the things that upset me especially when it comes to the idiotic things my family does. Sigh. But this was a great read on reflecting on the thing I don’t let go thanks

  4. Worrying just doesn’t help. Praying does. That’s how I’ve gotten through the hard places in life. That’s how I’m getting through the political drama in my country. God is in control of history. I need to do what I can, and leave the rest to Him.

  5. I seem to try to take it all on myself at first, but then I realize how overwhelming it is. That’s when I let go, and I instantly feel better.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about the tragedy in your family. My prayers will be with you! I needed to read this inspirational quote you shared today, I am also dealing with quite a bit and I have the tendency to want to carry all my burdens myself and I end up stressing myself out and worrying way too much, when I should just give all my troubles up to God. Thank you for sharing this and lifting my spirits this morning!

  7. I have a better time letting go and letting God on big things and not small things. Isn’t that weird? Great post thanks for sharing the Joyce Meyer quote

  8. Such an uplifting read. The very words I am needing today. Thank you. God indeed works in mysterious ways. Ive been finding some comfort and reading your blog post gave me that comfort.

  9. This kind of faith carries people through difficult times. To me, it would be exceedingly difficult to let go. I do have control freak tendencies, which, intellectually, I know is ridiculous.

  10. What a lovely post indeed, I was brought up to always bring everything to God and leave it in his grace. He has never let me down and I trust him completely

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