Lesson of Life: Learning to Wait on God

Lesson of Life: Learning to Wait on God

I published this post just last month, but it seems like a good one to repeat, to ponder and to carry into the new year as we set goals and determine the strategies necessary to achieve those goals.

Learning to wait on God. Seems like a lifelong condition. We can’t rush God, because His timing is usually different than ours. We have to exercise patience, but resist the urge to say, “I want patience and I want it NOW!” Patience while waiting on God only comes through testing and struggles.



Here are today’s  thoughts…


God has been showing me

we need to be aware of His provisions

now, and not in the future.

Wait on God,

because God’s help will strengthen you

to behave in a godly way all day long,

if you trust in Him.

Even while you wait on God to manifest His plan,

your heart can greatly rejoice in His presence.

Tell someone something good

God has done for you,

and then watch Him move

in the presence of your praise.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:

Waiting is certainly part of life. Waiting on God to answer a prayer can produce anxiety.  It certainly isn’t easy most of the time to wait …and wait …and wait. The length of time is relative, it seems, based on the intensity of whatever I’m waiting FOR. Yet it’s always worth it in the long run, especially if I manage to maintain a good attitude during the waiting time (not always easy!)

Right now I’m waiting on a freelance work opportunity… waiting on answers to many different prayers…waiting on direction from God on still other important areas of life!


So what are YOUR  thoughts?

Do you find it easy to wait?

Do you agree that there’s always a purpose in waiting for something, instead of having instant gratification?



4 thoughts on “Lesson of Life: Learning to Wait on God

  1. I am patient when it comes to God answering me. I know there are others that have much more pressing issues, so I will be patient and wait, knowing he will get to me.

  2. I have had to wait for years. Not just with God, but with family in many different circumstances. Waiting on God means,He is saying not now and I figure He knows best. When I get kinda inpatient, I just say over and over, Jesus I trust You. It helps alot.
    Paula recently posted..The Reason for the SeasonMy Profile

  3. Wow, it’s so hard to wait when you’ve made a request of God, and you feel like there has been no answer. But… God’s not on my schedule so I guess there’s no choice. I suppose I could learn how to wait gracefully. Still, it is a challenge! I want patience this minute, lol.

  4. It is definitely difficult to be patient…on and for everything. I like what someone else said about understanding that it’s all in God’s time. But, I have to add that often times we need to consider what we’re praying for and hoping for. What we think we need or want is not always what God has in store for us.

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