1. I am patient when it comes to God answering me. I know there are others that have much more pressing issues, so I will be patient and wait, knowing he will get to me.

  2. I have had to wait for years. Not just with God, but with family in many different circumstances. Waiting on God means,He is saying not now and I figure He knows best. When I get kinda inpatient, I just say over and over, Jesus I trust You. It helps alot.
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  3. Wow, it’s so hard to wait when you’ve made a request of God, and you feel like there has been no answer. But… God’s not on my schedule so I guess there’s no choice. I suppose I could learn how to wait gracefully. Still, it is a challenge! I want patience this minute, lol.

  4. It is definitely difficult to be patient…on and for everything. I like what someone else said about understanding that it’s all in God’s time. But, I have to add that often times we need to consider what we’re praying for and hoping for. What we think we need or want is not always what God has in store for us.

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