Learning to Love Others Without an Agenda of Our Own

Learning to Love Others Without an Agenda of Our Own


Loving Others…

with No Agenda of Our Own


Is it really possible to love others, without us having our own personal agendas? I think it’s human nature to want something in return if we love and care for other people–such as their mutual love and care. Just one example: How often do we say, “I love you” to someone without fully expecting to hear the “I love you, too” in return? I think this subject goes back to my post about unconditional love. No conditions, no agenda, simply loving and caring for others “just because” — or perhaps especially because God first loved us!

Here is a collection of thoughts on the topics of having a healthy love and respect for ourselves, loving others, and discerning our motives of the heart, to learn if we have any hidden personal agendas for extending love to another person…


“There are women who feel so bad about themselves that they get involved with men who will hurt them because they believe that is all they deserve. You need to be around safe people, not people who continue to wound you. God will help you learn to recognize those people if you listen to His wisdom.

Love is the healing balm that the world needs, and God offers it freely and continuously. His love is unconditional. He does not love us IF…He simply and for all time loves us. He does not love us because we deserve it; He loves us because he is kind and wants to love us.

Pray: ‘Lord, Your eternal love surrounds me today, and I receive it with a heart full of praise. I am secure in Your love and kindness, given to me unconditionally. Amen.'”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”

“Thank You, Father, that You so loved the world that You gave Your one and only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ….Thank You for the way He rebuked the arrogant and looked with favor on the humble-minded, opening wide the door of His kingdom to those who were destitute and helpless in spirit. I delight in Your tender mercies, O my God, by which the Sunrise on high has come to us!”

–Ruth Myers in “31 Days of Praise”

“If you don’t get whatever it is you want, can you still love God? Will you still serve Him all the days of your life? Or are you just trying to get something form Him? A fine line divides the motives of the heart between selfish and selfless; and we must always make sure we understand which side of the line we are standing on.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”

My Reflections


Sometimes loving ourselves and loving others seem like difficult tasks. We tend to be our own worst enemies, and likewise, we tend to more easily see faults than good qualities in others.


Unconditional love is certainly something we all desire, but it’s also difficult to give unconditional love consistently, due to our human nature. Thank God for HIS unconditional love!

So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you struggle to love yourself?


Do you find it’s sometimes difficult to overlook the faults of others and extend the same love to them that we ourselves desire?






2 thoughts on “Learning to Love Others Without an Agenda of Our Own

  1. I love this! I know a young lady who is struggling to love herself and she is unable to accept love from anyone because of this. I’m sharing your blog with her.

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