Leaping Into Spring – Leaving February, Entering March

Leaping Into Spring – Leaving February, Entering March

Leap Day. That extra day we only get every four years! I was taught early on in my life that the Bible accounts for this extra day in two instances. In the first, the sun stood still “about a whole day” (23 hours 20 minutes) during a battle between God’s chosen people and their  enemy. In the second, time went backward on the sundial 10 degrees (40 minutes) as a sign from God for the prophet Isaiah’s healing, so he wouldn’t die at that time. Believe it or not, but I think it’s amazing!


So as we leave February behind and enter March, it’s another opportunity to say out with the old and in with the new! And as the image above says, fitting for this Leap Day, we can take a leap of faith into this new month in anticipation of learning more about what we can do to fulfill our potential.

I know there are things I want and need to do differently in March, which just happens to be my birthday month (I’ll be 58 on the 29th!)  One of the things that needs to change is to STOP staying up so late (she says, as the clock just chimed at 12:30am on March 1st!) Better time management is definitely intertwined with most of my goals!

Things I hope to work on during this month of March (alphabetical order):


*Establish a solid blogging schedule and plan for this AND my other blogs.

*Implement the plan and blog consistently.

*Update blog themes and other components.

*Monetize blogs.

*Promote blogs more frequently.

*Comment on other blogs.

*Reply to comments on my blogs.


*Work on my dissertation, preferably daily, currently on Dissertation Proposal.

*Send out letters of inquiry to local colleges regarding recruiting participants.

Freelance work

*Set aside required hours daily to complete projects, based on work available.

*Regularly conduct job searches as necessary to keep work (and income) flowing.


*Follow exercise schedule daily.

*Follow eating plan faithfully.

*Strive to lose weight/inches in a healthy manner.

*Get more sleep (goal is to start getting to bed by/before 10:30, because I’m up usually around 4:30 every morning!!)

*Declutter and organize for better physical AND mental health!


*Establish a regular sewing time, preferably daily, even if only for an hour.

*Sew, craft, organize space, plan projects–something sewing-related preferably daily.

*Promote my K-Lee’s Kreations business more frequently and consistently.

*Set up/maintain specialty sites.

OK, I shared most of my primary goals, so I’m now accountable to you readers, especially those who visit often! 🙂


What about YOU? Do you have plans for March that require a leap of faith? What are some of your goals?


My K-Lee's Kreations montage of photo-imprinted products.
My K-Lee’s Kreations montage of photo-imprinted products.

26 thoughts on “Leaping Into Spring – Leaving February, Entering March

  1. I couldn’t be happier to welcome March and with good news too. I hope you will be able to meet all your goals. I truly appreciate reading your blog everyday, so highly motivating and inspiring!

  2. Sometimes its really nice to have a month end reviews and look back what you have done for the entire month. I do this a lot my self. It keeps me on the toe of what I should do for this coming days and especially for the coming month.

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