Keep Your Eyes on the Prize AND Enter a Contest for a Handmade Pillow

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize AND Enter a Contest for a Handmade Pillow

Keep your eyes on the prize. That is what I’ve been telling myself whenever my schedule becomes very busy and I seem to have more to accomplish than hours in the day to successfully complete all the tasks on my action list! But I do plan to move forward with my eyes on the prize and the rewards of meeting goals and seeing my dreams come to fruition in many areas of my life!  AND here’s a twist on the idea of a prize: Read to the end of my post to learn about YOUR opportunity to enter a contest and win a prize of your own: a handmade pillow! 🙂



Here’s your Sunday inspiration…


“We all have times in life

when we feel like giving up…

God gave many men and women in the Bible

difficult tasks to perform,

but He always promised a reward.

Looking to the reward helps us

 to endure the difficulty.

I encourage you not to look

merely at your work,

But look also at the promise of reward.

Take time to enjoy the fruit of your labor, 

and be energized to finish your course.

It will also build confidence

as you realize that you are worth enjoying

the reward of your labors,

and it is indeed God’s will for you.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:


I am so thankful that God, and those people He has placed in my life to be encouragers and supporters, have helped me to NOT give up on my various dreams! I  will continue to keep my eyes on the prize and rewards that await me for goals achieved.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you find it easy to keep your eyes on the prize ahead of you?


Are you still pursuing your dreams?





If you are interested in my contest for a FREE pillow, handmade by me, in the colors of your choice, you can choose from one of these two designs. The pillows are 16 inches square and include the pillow form. Usually sold for $45 — yours FREE in you win my contest!


 Pinwheel pillow design #1
Pinwheel Pillow design #2

**Contest Rules**


Here are the contest rules. I published a special post recently that received NO comment love when I originally published it.

Please follow these four steps to be entered into the contest:

1-Please go to this post, Spotlight on My Dad: In Memory of His Influence and Life Lessons.

2- Please read that post, and leave a comment about any special “life lessons” someone has helped you learn.

3-Please leave a relevant comment by 7pm EDT tomorrow evening, Monday, January 9.

4-Return to this post and leave a comment that you entered the contest.


**Everyone who completes these four steps will be entered into a drawing using an online Random Name Picker and the winner will receive a free pillow as described above. I will contact the winner by email to discuss details including your choice of colors and your address so I can send the pillow to you when it’s completed!**



2 thoughts on “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize AND Enter a Contest for a Handmade Pillow

  1. I’m entering your contest but above all it was nice to talk about my father for a bit. I may sit down one day and talk about him but it’s not the time.

    Depending on the prize I can keep my eyes on it. Right now I’m focused on my fitness goals. So I am actively working out to make a better me. Of course I’m focused on my 2017 goals reading a monthly book which I’m already almost done with my second one, so yeah me. So my goal to complete 2017 goals is my current prize and I’m focused on those and trying to stay on track to achieve them!

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