1. I agree. Self-pity won’t do us any good. Good thing that summer is here. It always feels good to bask in the sun. It keeps us positive and happy. Also, it’s always there regardless of the dark clouds. Thanks, Karen!

  2. For some reason, I’ve never had much trouble staying out of a self pity loop; however, I’m still capable of climbing on other trains to nowheresville, such as low self esteem, anger, and defeatism. I’ll take your advice and not add self pity to the list.

  3. Hey, what a good hook with a series! Looking forward to following this. And, yes, self pity is a killer to a joyful life. Philippians 2:3-4 will help a Bible believer overcome that kind of self-centered approach to life.

  4. I go through periods where I pity myself. But what I do is think of people I know who have it a lot worse, and I would not trade places with them.

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