June Review and July Preview – June 30 Inspiration

June Review and July Preview – June 30 Inspiration

Here it is already, the last day of June – end of the first HALF of 2016 already! It has certainly been a month of ups and downs. The ups have included getting my Dissertation Proposal approved, and moving forward to the next step, awaiting Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval; getting my chapter proposal accepted to include my doctoral research in an upcoming publication; and getting the first batches of work approved for my first payment in my primary freelance job.

The downs have been especially heavy, because they included my 14th Father’s Day without my Dad; and the tragic death of my husband’s younger brother, along with all the grief accompanying that tragedy. We as a family are trying to learn to live with this new “normal,” although our lives are forever changed.


But now we’re heading into July, so here’s a sneak preview of plans (known factors, at least!)…

*Sadly, my brother-in-law’s funeral and memorial service will start the month off on Saturday, July 2nd.

*I have to take better care of myself; I have several different types of appointments and one procedure scheduled, all of which are long overdue. I’m also planning to work more diligently on eating right and exercising regularly, so I can lose the weight needed to be healthier.

*I should obtain IRB approval of my study and begin conducting my study, while also working on the last piece of this Doctor of Education journey, the Dissertation Manuscript.

*Hubby and I plan to attend one of our favorite annual summer events: the Yarmouth Clam Festival, where we enjoy choosing from amongĀ  all its featured seafood (lobster and scallops are our usual selections), as well as browsing the massive arts and crafts displays.

*I will finally be able to get more actively involved in my current freelance job, which has the greatest earning potential.

*I hope to jumpstart several of my other blogs.

*I hope to do more sewing and quilting, and promoting my K-Lee’s Kreations business.


So what about YOU?

How was your month of June?

Do you have special plans for July?


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