It Requires Faith to Believe – As Well As to NOT Believe

FAITH to believe…

And NOT to believe?

Have you ever pondered this? I think it’s one of those mind-boggling concepts. We have to exercise faith to believe in God, or in any “higher power,” and the spiritual realm that we can’t see.

We also have to use faith in common daily situations, such as believing lights will come on when we flip switches, that water will come out of faucets when we turn them on, and that the chairs we’re about to sit in will in fact hold us up. We even subconsciously exercise faith every day we wake up (well, that alone, that we sleep and wake up the next morning), and that gravity still exists to hold us and our planet in place.

All of that seems like it requires effort, yet most of the time, we just do it naturally without thinking. I can’t imagine working on NOT believing and trying to come up with explanations on my own for life as it exists, as I currently know it!



Your inspiration for this final Monday in February!

“Joy is never released through unbelief, but it is always present where there is belief. Believing is so much simpler than not believing. If we do not believe God, His Word, and His promises, then we are left with the labor of reasoning and attempting to work out matters ourselves.

When we come to God, we must do so believing. When we do, we will have joy; and where there is joy, there will also be enjoyment.

This is God’s will for us, that we might have and enjoy life.

Jesus did not die for you and me that we might be miserable. He died to deliver us from every kind of oppression and misery. His work is already finished, and the only thing that remains to be accomplished is for us to believe.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



My Reflections


I’m just thinking of the irony that it takes faith to believe in God – AND it also takes faith to NOT believe in God or any “higher power,” but rather in our own devices and how the world and all that’s in it came to exist. Even those who don’t believe in God have to believe in SOMETHING outside of themselves.



So What Are YOUR Thoughts? 

Do you agree that believing in something or someone is easier than NOT believing?




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  1. I personally find it amazing when I have a conversation with a Humanist; that is, a genuine, fully convinced Humanist.

    Those individuals who believe that there is no reason to look outside of ourselves- That humanity has all it needs to overcome humankind’s flaws- Are a bit of mystery to me, to be honest. Not so much because of the refusal to believe in some kind of deity (there are well known Atheists who espouse the possibility of superior alien races giving birth to humanity, for instance), but rather because of the rejection of scientific principle in advocating that a flawed object or material or group can somehow reinforce itself and somehow no longer be flawed.

    Very thought provoking article!

  2. Thankful for the peace that floods my soul because I believe in the life changing word of God.

  3. I’ve seen too much to NOT believe. I do realize that’s not been everyone’s experience–and it’s hard for people to believe beyond their own experience–but for me, I would be terribly foolish to not believe.
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