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If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away – Sentimental Video – UBC Day 10 #blogboost


If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away…

We Could Visit Loved Ones Who Have Left Us!


             In Memory of My Parents

Still catching up on my UBC posts — the writing prompt for day 10 was to share a video. This is one of the most sentimental ones I know, and it’s related to my previous post about sentimental photos of my late parents.

So What About YOU?

Have you ever seen this video before?

Do you have a video you like that is meaningful to you?


  1. LadyInRead

    The Justin Moore video is new to me.. but the sentiments in that video and your post definitely ring true …if only….
    Photographs, videos and other mementos help us cherish these memories…

    13 . Apr . 2017
  2. Alice Gerard

    What a beautiful video. The song expresses such a deep love of family, and it tells a history of those who are lost. Thank you for sharing that. I was feeling very melty when I read it because I miss my dad so much.

    13 . Apr . 2017
  3. Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

    Something we could all relate to, it is hard losing someone that means so much. A beautiful video, thanks for sharing.

    14 . Apr . 2017
  4. Chery Schmidt

    Hey Karen! Awesome share my friend! Thank you Chery :))

    14 . Apr . 2017
  5. Dr. Erica Goodstone

    Hi Karen,
    This video is new to me. It’s beautiful to hold onto those memories and to keep them alive.
    it is all about love and loving memories. We can all use more of those.
    Dr. Erica

    16 . Apr . 2017

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