Identify Your Peace Stealers – June 29 Inspiration

Identify Your Peace Stealers – June 29 Inspiration

Identify Your Peace Stealers. What does that mean? Well, I had intended to publish this post yesterday; but some of the things going on right now for my husband and his family, in dealing with my brother-in-law’s death two weeks ago, are certainly robbing us of inner peace. His tragic death, so many unanswered questions, coping with grief and the way different family members and friends grieve, and many other related circumstances are definitely “peace stealers.” By the time  I sat down to finish this post last night (after having started it earlier in the day), I fell asleep sitting in my chair! I decided getting rested was more important than trying to stay up any later.



So here’s the inspirational thought I wanted to share yesterday, June 29th…


“To enjoy a life of peace, you will need to examine

your own life to learn what your ‘peace stealers’ are.

Satan uses some of the same things on everyone,

but we also have things

that are particular to each one of us.

For example, one person may be very disturbed

by having to do two things at one time,

while another person may actually be challenged

and energized by multitasking

and doing several projects at once.

We are all different,

and we must learn to know ourselves.

It will be virtually impossible

to enjoy a life of peace if you don’t study

to know what your peace stealers are.

Keep a list of each time you get upset.

Ask yourself what caused the problem,

and write it down.

Be honest with yourself,

or you will never break free.” 


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

I needed to read this today, because the grief here is so heavy, and various circumstances related to my brother-in-law’s death and the aftermath are so difficult for family members to handle. Operating with grief and no peace can be debilitating.

I know each of us needs to just take one step at a time and concentrate on one thing at a time. We need to strive to gain and maintain peace because we can’t undo the past and there are some things we just can’t control.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Can you identify some “peace stealers” in your life?

Have you thought about listing the specific circumstances in your life that tend to upset you and cause anxiety?



5 thoughts on “Identify Your Peace Stealers – June 29 Inspiration

  1. I get stressed by being short of time i.e. if I need to entertain and I have a lot of other things going on, or if I have several appointments in the same day. I like to be relaxed and not under pressure. I should list my stressers, especially because I tend to turn to food – something that doesn’t do me any good but I do it anyway.

  2. Very well written, I love this ever so much. I have taken so many years to remain at peace within and I do think it’s an ongoing process to remain at this level within.

  3. Peace is what we need, every person need a Peace even our world. Keeping bad things from the past was really bad, but I accepted all bad things came in my life.

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