How About a Worry-Free Wednesday? August 31 Inspiration

How About a Worry-Free Wednesday? August 31 Inspiration

Why is it so easy to convince ourselves it’s our “job” to worry about loved ones or about certain circumstances in life?

I know – I’ve said it myself many times, that it’s a mother’s “job” to worry. However, numerous scripture verses refute that notion!



Here are some insightful comments from author Max Lucado, from his book “Traveling Light” on the topic of worry and anxiety.

“Worry is the burlap bag of burdens. Cumbersome. Chunky. Unattractive. Scratchy. Hard to get a handle on. Irritating to carry and impossible to give away. 

No one wants your worries. Sadly, worrying is one job you can’t farm out, but you can overcome it. There is no better place to begin than ‘beside the still water,’ where the Shepherd leads.

No one has to remind you of the high cost of anxiety. Worry divides the mind. The biblical word for worry (merimnao) is a compound of two Greek words, merizo (to divide) and nous (the mind).

Anxiety splits our energy between today’s priorities and tomorrow’s problems. Part of our mind is on the now; the rest is on the not yet. The result is half-minded living.

Anxiety is an expensive habit. Of course, it might be worth the cost if it worked. But it doesn’t. Our frets are futile. Jesus said, ‘You cannot add any time to your life by worrying about it’ (Matthew 6:27).

Worry has never brightened a day, solved a problem, or cured a disease.”


Now after that rather lengthy intro, onto today’s additional inspiration.


“Anxiety and worry are both attacks on the mind

intended to keep you from serving the Lord.

The enemy uses these weapons

to press your faith down

so you cannot live in victory.

Many people are worriers,

but don’t even realize it.

They may call it something else–

but it is still worry.

In addition to telling you to ‘fret not’ (Psalm 37:8),

other passages warn you

to ‘take no thought’ (Matthew 6:25),

‘be careful for nothing’ (Philippians 4:6),

and ‘cast…all your care’ (1 Peter 5:7).

Matthew 6:27 says, ‘And who of you by worrying

and being anxious

can add one unit of measure (cubit)

to his stature or to the span of his life?’ 

The obvious point is that worry is useless.

It does not accomplish any good thing.

In that case, why worry and why be so anxious?” 

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

Yes, so true – the only thing worrying has ever done for me is make me more anxious, discouraged, and depressed. Certainly NOT worth it in the long run! Definitely one “job” I should quit!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you felt that it’s your “job” to worry?

Do you suffer from the effects of worrying too much?

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