Happy New Year 2019 – Do You Make Resolutions or Proactive Goals with Focus Words or Phrases?

Happy New Year 2019 – Do You Make Resolutions or Proactive Goals with Focus Words or Phrases?


Resolutions or Goals?

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Happy New Year! After a 3-month hiatus, I’m endeavoring to return to blogging in this new year. In an effort to jumpstart my blogging, I’m snagging a post from a couple years ago, with some updates and modifications.




So 2019 is here.  Now the debate starts over again about making resolutions versus developing proactive goals. According to the dictionary, a resolution is “the decision to do or not do something.” Based on how often we fail to keep resolutions for very long into the new year, I think the missing element is being proactive, which means “preparing for or initiating change rather than reacting to events.

We can make decisions to do or not do something all day, but without the related preparation for or initiation of change, we end up only reacting to events that occur instead of following through with our decision. This requires a combination of determination, courage, and discipline.

In addition, I know many people — including me — choose focus words for the year. Mine for 2019 is the phrase: Declutter and Simplify. I’ve spent too many years with my life and my home full of clutter. This aggravates my soul and my spirit, and even adversely affects my physical and mental health. At 60 (approaching 61 this March!), it’s way past time for a change!




Here’s your New Year’s Day inspiration…

“In the beginning of my ministry, I had a dream that I was driving my car and approaching a flooded bridge.

I stopped, looking first at the water-covered bridge, back where I had been, and to the side of the road, trying to decide if I should park, retreat, or keep moving forward.

Then I woke up.

God used that dream to show me there will always be opposition when pressing toward a goal. There will always be opportunity to park and go no farther, or turn around and give up.

Determination will get you a lot further than talent. So if you feel you lack talent, take heart. All you need to win in life is more determination than anyone else you know.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”




My Reflections

I can so relate to the dream Joyce described, in different areas of life at different times, but most recently it applies to the transition I’ve been adjusting to over the past several months. Ever since getting hired for my first full-time remote job on March 21, 2018, I have had a difficult time managing my time to accomplish all the things I need and want to do in addition to the job — including blogging and sewing.

But beginning in November, at my supervisor’s advice to “take back my life” and only work the 40 hours per week I get paid to work, I have happily been sewing and crafting for Christmas gifts in my spare time after my work hours. I accomplished a decent number of gifts by Christmas, but will have some more to finish this month. Didn’t quite start soon enough! Plan for 2019: Start planning in January for Christmas 2019!




So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you agree there’s a difference between resolutions and proactive goals?


Do you have focus words or phrases for 2019?


Have you created an action plan to achieve goals in this new year?






24 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019 – Do You Make Resolutions or Proactive Goals with Focus Words or Phrases?

  1. Honestly, I stopped making resolutions because I can never stick to them. I think the best thing that works for me it to make the most out of everyday. Sure, I have goals, but just making every day count is a good way to achieve those goals.

  2. Personally, I do not make resolutions, proactive goals, or choose focus words for the New Year. January 1st is nothing more than a change of the calendar for me :). I like the idea of focus words/phrases, and if I had to choose some, it would be “Let it go.” I do like your focus phrase of “declutter and simplify.” I did that the majority of 2018, and it has minimized my stress levels a lot!
    The Panicked Foodie recently posted..Brownie Batter Hummus {Vegan, GF, Top 8 Free}My Profile

  3. I love Joyce Meyers. I’m glad you were able to cut back some too. This is the first year that I decided to do goals instead of resolutions. Almost every year, my resolution was to lose weight or quit soda or something along those lines and I always failed within January. This year I chose goals related to my family and to work on my first blog. My word is “de-stress”.
    Judy recently posted..My 3 year olds sudden fear of the dark started with a nightmareMy Profile

  4. This year I plan to simplify. I want to make several short term goals instead of just trying to automatically reach my long term goals overnight. This past year has been exhausting because I would work and never take breaks. This was very stressful and overwhelming. This year I plan to set small goals, take breaks, breathe, and enjoy life. I only have one life to live. Work is important but I am more important

  5. My focus word for the year is INTENTIONAL. I want to blog with a purpose. To be honest, mine was mostly sponsored post last year and I just feel guilty about it.

    Also, I would like to work with clients (VA business) on tasks that are relevant and are meaningful.

  6. I set always set goals and I believe that if you are really determined you can achieve anything. It all starts with believing you can!
    Finding the balance between a full time job and doing the things you love to do can be difficult some times but it is important to make time for the things and people you love.

  7. I absolutely think there is a difference between resolutions and goals. My word for 2019 is adventure. I can’t wait to see what it brings.

  8. Love the post 🙂 Happy new year !!

    I make new year resolutions every year, and although I always fail to follow it 100% I do try my best to do some things out of it. This year, I plan to travel more and also cut down on my spending habit. I am sure that these are realistic goals for me and I will be able to achieve them 😀 fingers crossed haha

  9. I love new year, cause i was able to stick to my diet whenever i do resolutions. Although some birthday and events are exemption

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