Happy National Puppy Day – March 23 Devotions

Happy National Puppy Day – March 23 Devotions

Just discovered today is National Puppy Day – to raise awareness for puppy adoption, especially from shelters. Many puppies and older dogs never make it out of shelters alive (same for kittens and cats). I wrote an article not long ago on this subject; you can read it at a new page I just set up. The title is Pet Rescue: Saving Lives from Death Row at High Kill Facilities.

My hubby Dave and I have a houseful of “rescue pets” – 6 cats and 2 pups. But since this is National Puppy Day – here they are:

Our His and Hers Pups!
Our His and Hers Pups!

But anyway… onto today’s devotions. And as always, remember you can read some Psalms and Proverbs for the day at Daily Scripture Readings.




“You can increase your self-acceptance and improve your opinion of yourself by deciding right here and now you will not entertain one more negative thought or allow one more negative word about yourself to come out of your mouth.

Start acknowledging the good things that are in you because of Christ.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”



“When we forgive others, not only are we doing them a favor, we are doing ourselves an even greater favor…because unforgiveness produces in us a root of bitterness that poisons our entire system.

The longer we allow it to grow and fester, the more powerful it becomes, and the more it infects our entire being: our personality, our attitude and behavior, our perspective, and our relationships–especially our relationship with God.

To keep Satan from getting the advantage over you, forgive! Do yourself a favor and let the offense go!  Forgive to keep yourself from being poisoned–and imprisoned!” 

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”



“What would happen if every morning we gave our mouths to God so that only godly things came out of our lips?

Dedicate your mouth to God and use it only for what pleases Him: praise and worship and edification and exhortation and giving thanks. Put your lips on the altar each morning. Give your mouth to God.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


-1- Hmm, there was a theme today among all three devotionals, written in different years! Forgiveness, letting offenses go, watching the words that come out of our mouths…it’s amazing that it’s so difficult sometimes to let go of those negative thoughts, yet if we don’t, they eventually manifest as words we speak. And then all that negativity is out there in the air…

-2- That’s quite the concept to think about, too: not only does it help others to receive our forgiveness–but we are actually helping our own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health by extending forgiveness to others.

-3- While in the virtual world, I’ve come to equate spoken words with written words–so in essence, the words that come from my fingers typing on the keyboard, instead of the words that come out of my mouth–so I need to dedicate my fingers to God each day before starting my online rounds! The benefit of writing first, rather than speaking, is that we DO have the option of carefully considering our words BEFORE we hit “publish” or “submit” – and we have no such luxury when we just speak without thinking!


So what are YOUR thoughts?  Do you struggle with negative thoughts that eventually become negative words?


Have you ever considered that extending forgiveness to others actually benefits your own health, as well?


What do you think of the idea of dedicating your mouth and/or your fingers to God each day?



5 thoughts on “Happy National Puppy Day – March 23 Devotions

  1. Awww, I LOVE that you recognized national puppy day!!! I completely forgot to and my blog is about my life with dogs, haha! Forgiveness and adopting rescues go hand in hand. Some of those stories are just terrible and we have to find it in our hearts to forgive the previous owners for mistreating animals.

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