Happy March 1st! Let’s Celebrate YOU and Your God-Given Gifts!

Happy March 1st!

Time to Celebrate YOU!



Welcome (or welcome back) to my Words of Encouragement blog, where I endeavor to share daily inspirational thoughts  that will hopefully uplift your spirit and speak to your life in some way. I typically post the inspirational thought, and then follow with my own reflections on it. Finally, I wrap it up with some questions to YOU, my readers!

I also have a separate page for Daily Scripture Readings from Psalms and Proverbs, if you would like to check those out.


So it’s March 1st already! I am thankful for this first day of a new month – the month celebrating new life, as spring begins (on the calendar, at least, for the 20th!) It’s also my birthday month and a time to reflect and make any necessary lifestyle changes to improve health and happiness.  This is also the month to force some breakthroughs, in certain areas … it’s off to a rather tumultuous start, but I know God is still in control!





So here’s your inspirational thought for this first day of March — all about celebrating YOU and your God-given gifts!  🙂

“Lord, thank You that I can enjoy my strengths and gifts without pride or false modesty as I give You the credit for them, praising You rather than congratulating myself.

What do I have, that I did not receive from You? All that I am and all that I have comes from You; it is all sustained by You…and I want it all to glorify You! Not to me, O Lord, not to me, but to Your Name be the glory.”

–Ruth Myers in “31 Days of Praise”



My Reflections

There is certainly a balance between having confidence in our God-given abilities…and crossing the line to one side or the other, either into arrogance where we take all the credit, or into self-pity where we are either unable or unwilling to acknowledge our gifts.

I say let’s celebrate God, ourselves as part of His creation, and the gifts He has given us! 🙂



So What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you feel confident in the abilities and talents you have?

Do you start feeling renewed in March each year, as winter departs and spring arrives?




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  1. The confidence that I have in whatever talents or abilities I have been gifted with tends to wane and wax with seasons, to be sure; just not with seasons of the year, but rather seasons of life.

    For instance, I have a talent for music- At this point in my life, however, it seems that music must take a backseat for other things. Likewise, I have the ability to write; yet, my writing has not been profitable at this point in time.

    Ultimately, the change of yearly seasons certainly invigorates my mindset and outlook. However, I believe that for our talents and abilities to be effective, we must place our full confidence and trust in the Lord to open doors and guide us to opportunities where the gifts He’s given us will shine.
    Andrew James recently posted..LGBTQMy Profile

  2. Beautiful words of encouragement throughout!

  3. IT’S hard to believe it’s already march! Thanks for the words of encouragement. And I’m looking forward to spring!

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