1. I’ve had to press into change, into the discomfort and pain of facing the need to change. None of it was easy or effortless. Every week, sometimes every day, I put myself in the scary and uncomfortable places of being around those I’d wounded while I was becoming new, again, in Christ.

    There was nothing easy about it. God brought me through it…and still is. Change, and the need for it, is never over.

    Thank you for sharing this. Yes, I’m participating in the UBC.

  2. Aprille

    I used to struggle with change but these days I embrace it as I’ve learned to trust my intuition. Last year we moved halfway across Canada because of it! And it truly has been for the best. We’ve had blessing after blessing since the move.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Sumudu

    It’s snowing in Massachusetts too … darn weather! My daffodils were just beginning to come out. Worst part of this snow storm is the snow plow knocked our mail box off the post. But our neighbor had it much worse. His mail box was totally destroyed.

    I did not sign up for the UBC this month – totally forgot. Maybe I’ll post stuff on there anyway and hope someone will visit my site. I’ve slacked for two months!

  4. Liv

    Change isn’t easy for me, but I’m learning to accept what is.

    Also, my parents live in Maine and sent me pics of their snow storm today! Meanwhile my kids were outside (in Utah) all day playing in short sleeves!

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