Gratitude Challenge – November 9 – Thankful for Freedom from Complaining

Gratitude Challenge – November 9 – Thankful for Freedom from Complaining

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So how are you doing on this day after the election? Judging by the posts and buzz I’ve read on social media, especially Facebook, people overall are either elated or deflated, depending on which candidate they claimed as theirs. Complaints are prevalent, either because of the outcome or some other circumstance, and go across party lines with many people complaining about many other people. The problem is, complaining saps your energy.



Complaining is draining! Have you ever thought about it? When you complain, do you feel positive and energized? Or do you feel negative and stressed?

Complaining makes you feel worse instead of better, and even drains your energy. You end up stuck in the negative situation you complain about, instead of moving forward. I am thankful we can choose to NOT complain, and therefore gain freedom from complaining and its effects.


Check out today’s inspirational thought on this concept.

“Complaining is a corrupt form of conversation

that causes many people a great deal

of problems in their lives.

It also opens the doors for the enemy.

Words are containers of power.

Complaining, grumbling words

carry destructive power.

They destroy the joy

of the one doing the complaining

and can also affect other people

who have to listen to them.

Murmuring and complaining pollute our lives

and probably sound like cursing to the Lord.

To Him, it is verbal pollution. To pollute is to poison.

Did you ever stop to think that you and I

can poison our future by complaining

about what is going on right now?

When we complain about our current situation,

we remain in it;

when we praise God in the midst of difficulty,

He raises us out of it.

The best way to start  everyday

is with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Praise and thanksgiving are good;

complaining and grumbling are evil.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

I really like the admonition of this one: “Complain and remain OR praise and be raised!” Another expression I’ve heard often is to “Get off the pity pot.” When I’m honest, I know that anything negative really is just not worth hanging onto, especially compared to the changes that happen when I focus on the positive instead.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you struggle with grumbling and complaining?

Or do you have a strategy to focus on praise and gratitude to help you move forward?


One thought on “Gratitude Challenge – November 9 – Thankful for Freedom from Complaining

  1. Wise words. I’ve never been a complainer myself but I certainly saw evidence of what you’re talking about yesterday. In fact, I ended up giving myself the afternoon off. Unplugged and got out into the fresh air to enjoy the day. It was marvelous and I was so refreshed that this morning I could hardly wait to get to work! (Still avoiding the negative nellies however!)

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