Gratitude Challenge – November 8 – Thankful for Election Season Completion

Gratitude Challenge – November 8 – Thankful for Election Season Completion

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USA Voting - Historic Election 2016 [Source: morgueFile free photos]
                    USA Voting – Historic Election 2016 [Source: morgueFile free photos]

So I think I can safely speak for probably every American when I say I’m thankful this election season is finally over! It has been an especially acrimonious and confrontational campaign primarily between the two frontrunners and their followers. It is also an historic election, with a businessman and a female politician battling in a close presidential race that has yet to be decided, as of 1:45am EDT (11/9), with current electoral numbers at 264 for Trump and 215 for Hillary.


During the morning of 11/8, I saw an excellent series of questions on Facebook, and I believe they are worth pondering at this crucial time. I share them here, modified a bit and combined with my own thoughts and concluding with a prayer, for your consideration:


*When this election is over, will you be proud of how you acted?


*Will you be able to say you showed dignity and respect to those with opposing views?


*Or did you hurl insults and engage in name-calling?


*Did you carry on civil, respectful debates and agree to disagree with those who had opposing views?


*Or did you resort to mean-spirited retorts and unfriend or even block people (even family and friends) who disagreed with you?


*During online interactions, did you behave in the same manner you would in person?


*Or did you engage in behavior and say things you normally never would in face-to-face conversations?


*I don’t mean will you be satisfied with the results and think that the ends justified the means, but will you truly believe that you showed respect, dignity, and consideration for others?


*Will your relationships still be intact, or have some of them suffered irreparable damage?





Words do matter. They do make a lasting impression, for good or bad. We will remember words said to us, as well as how they were said, for months or even years into the future.


This is my prayer for all of us:


Father God, please have mercy on us and on our country. Please repair the damage done to relationships. Please forgive us and heal us and heal our country.


Please restore us once again as one nation under God, not one divided by hatred and animosity. Let us not continue in this damaged condition where such things as political beliefs, pipelines, racial bias, and personal agendas seem to matter more than we each do as individual human beings with hearts and souls and feelings.


Thank You, Father God, for hearing and answering our prayers. We pray in the precious name of Jesus, the Name above all names, amen.”





One thought on “Gratitude Challenge – November 8 – Thankful for Election Season Completion

  1. Oh, do we ever need to be restored. But events of last night proved our country has a long road ahead. And some things I saw on Facebook can never be unseen.

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