Gratitude Challenge – November 5 – Thankful for Memories of Loved Ones

Gratitude Challenge – November 5 – Thankful for Memories of Loved Ones

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Cherish life. It is precious and you just never know when someone’s time on this earth will end…human or animal loved ones! Today I’ve been in a reflective, slightly melancholic mood, since my hubby Dave has been away all day these last two days, hunting up in northern Maine. His father’s family has large plots of land up there, with the land posted as private to warn off trespassers. That makes hunting a bit safer since random people shouldn’t be out walking around shooting in any direction.

Also up there is the family cemetery, and Dave has spent time there visiting the final resting places of his paternal grandparents, one uncle, and most recently, his younger brother Doug who took his life back in June.


Remembering my brother-in-law Doug (passed away on 6-15-2016)

Remembering my brother-in-law Doug (passed away on 6-15-2016)


My brother-in-law's gravesite on July 2, 2016.

Doug’s gravesite after his memorial service and burial on July 2, 2016.



Memorial services help us celebrate their lives and what they meant to us. Memories are what keep our loved ones with us, no matter how long they have been gone and left a void in our lives.


Memories of Mom and Dad
       Memories of Mom (passed away on 7-7-2011) and Dad (passed away on 9-2-2002).


In addition to family members, I’ve lost a couple of online friends over the past year or so. Even though we never knew each other in person, their friendships still enriched my life, and I cherish the memories.


Remembering Karen, a Fellow Quilter  (passed away on 7-9-2015).


Remembering Barb...a fellow writer.
Remembering Barb, a Fellow Writer (passed away on 2-9-16).












Most recently, a young man named Sam passed away on October 28. I mentioned him in a previous post, as I had the privilege of fulfilling his wish for a specific quilt. While I never even had the chance to communicate with him personally, I feel connected to him through the quilt and pillows I made for him, which his aunt Rachel paid for, as well as the shipping to get it from Maine to the UK about 10 days before Sam passed away.


In Memory of Sam
                                                     In Memory of Sam



And I can’t neglect to mention two of our beloved fur babies, as well, and all the years of memories we have of their time with us on this earth.


In Loving Memory of our Mackster.
In Loving Memory of our Mackster (passed away on 11-3-2015).


In memory of our Kita, 12-18-2012.
In Loving Memory of Our Kita (passed away on 12-18-2012).





So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you lost loved ones, human or animal, recently or even in the distant past?

Do you cherish your memories of them and time spent together?


Don’t Forget!!!



One thought on “Gratitude Challenge – November 5 – Thankful for Memories of Loved Ones

  1. Hi Karen,

    Sorry for your losses, and thanks for sharing them with us. I understand completely how you can relate so closely to online friends even though you’ve never met them. (One lady that I still haven’t met to this day was such a support to me when my marriage broke up.)

    I’m also in reflective mood this week as Monday was the 4th anniversary of my partner’s death. And last year I lost my lovely Mum too.

    Nothing prepares you for these losses, even though logic should. And nothing makes it better, other than the memories of their time with you.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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