Gratitude Challenge – November 26 – Thankful for Being a Member of the PAC

Gratitude Challenge – November 26 – Thankful for Being a Member of the PAC

Here at Words of Encouragement


Remember, only 5 more days in the month and I would challenge you to continue expressing gratitude (even beyond this month!)

I first shared this post on my other blog: Does Your Blog Lack ECT? Join PAC for the Solution. But I want to share it here, as part of my gratitude posts.

I am thankful for being a member of the PAC!! If you’re a blogger, and your blog lacks ECT – you might want to consider joining PAC to solve that problem! Full disclosure: this post is a presentation about PAC and contains my affiliate link. IF anyone chooses to join PAC, I would earn a small commission.




So what is ECT and PAC all about? Well, among the actions we bloggers appreciate are Engagement-Comments-Traffic, or ECT. Engagement between bloggers and readers, comments from readers, and consistent traffic are all appreciated.



The Power Affiliate Club, or PAC, is one solution to obtaining engagement, comments, traffic, and much more. Lesly Federici, the mastermind behind PAC, offers both free memberships and paid memberships for PAC.



With the free membership, you can enjoy these benefits:

*Membership in the PAC Blogging and Affiliate Community on Facebook (prerequisite for becoming a PAC member)

*Blog Rotator (get more traffic and engagement on your blog)

*Facebook Community Activities

*Shop PAC

*PAC Gigs Listing

*Top Member Commentator Contest

*Bonus Commentator Contest

*Bonus Winner Spotlight on PAC Blog

*PAC Monthly Newsletter Updates


With the PAC VIP paid membership, an affordable $9.97 a month and worth every penny, you can enjoy benefits some people charge MUCH more for:

All of the above in the free basic membership, PLUS:

*Affiliate link Submission and promotion (20 links max)

*PAC Expert Author Opportunity

*PAC. Ed. Lab

*PAC Gigs Listing

*“DO IT” Workshop (get things done – Mastermind!)

*Free Advertising

*Top Author Commentator Contest

*Author Spotlight and Promotion

*Opportunity to teach a workshop

*PAC VIP Newsletter

*NEW – PAC REFERRAL PROGRAM: When you become a PAC VIP Member, you’re automatically registered as an Affiliate in the PAC Referral Program. This means you have an opportunity to earn 50% commission for each NEW referral signing up as a PAC VIP member. 


So what about YOU?

Are you looking for more engagement, comments, and traffic for your blog?

Does PAC membership sound appealing? (I can tell you from personal experience, it’s far more valuable than the small fee Lesly charges!)


I look forward to seeing YOU in the PAC community!



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