Gratitude Challenge – November 25 – Thankful for Peace on Black Friday

Gratitude Challenge – November 25 – Thankful for Peace on Black Friday

Here at Words of Encouragement



Still six more days in the month and I would challenge you to continue expressing gratitude (even beyond this month!)

Today is typically known as “Black Friday” as it kicks off the holiday shopping season–I know why it’s called that, but I thought green might be a more appropriate color for the day, as merchants gather in the cash. However, then I saw “Green Friday” as a reference to marijuana sales in states where pot is now legal for recreational use, post-election!

Our dogs keeping me company on our bed.
                              Our dogs keeping me company on our bed.

Anyway, instead of fighting the crowds and hysteria of this shopping day, I was quite thankful to enjoy peace at home.


Hubby was away hunting today (and will be tomorrow, as well, his last chance for a deer until next season! Please, God, venison in the freezer for the winter would be nice! and son-in-law Cory got TWO, one in Maine and one in NH – so it’s Dave’s turn to get just ONE!)


I camped out on our bed and enjoyed a PJ day, with the dogs keeping me company. Do you think they would use the empty side of the bed? No, Desi had her head in my lap and Zoe was lying on my legs (in the picture above). They periodically changed positions when I got up or when they jumped up and barked at squirrels they saw through the window overlooking the back yard.


Meanwhile, with Christmas music playing on Pandora, I read, wrote, blogged, socialized, and enjoyed a Google hangout at 2pm with members of one of my blog mastermind groups, the Power Affiliate Club (PAC). And by the way, if you have ever wanted to join such a group, I highly recommend PAC (this is my affiliate link, so if you decided to join, I would earn a small commission). You can read more about PAC in a post I wrote on my other blog: Does Your Blog Lack ECT? Join PAC  for the Solution!




So here are  some thoughts on peace on what was otherwise a hectic day for some people…


“To enjoy a life of peace, you will need to examine

your own life to learn what your ‘peace stealers’ are.

Satan uses some of the same things on everyone,

but we also have things

that are particular to each one of us.

For example, one person may be very disturbed

by having to do two things at one time,

while another person may actually be challenged

and energized by multitasking

and doing several projects at once.

We are all different,

and we must learn to know ourselves.

It will be virtually impossible

to enjoy a life of peace if you don’t study

to know what your peace stealers are.

Keep a list of each time you get upset.

Ask yourself what caused the problem,

and write it down.

Be honest with yourself,

or you will never break free.” 

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



My reflections:


Sometimes you just need peace and quiet, and breaking tradition from the hectic pace of shopping with the masses was much more enjoyable. I’m more of a “Cyber Monday” shopper anyway! 😉


So what are YOUR thoughts?

What did YOU do on this “Black Friday” – the day after Thanksgiving, one month until Christmas?

Did you shop, or stay home and relax? Whatever you did today, I hope you had a blessed day.  🙂




4 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge – November 25 – Thankful for Peace on Black Friday

  1. I agree. I feel so much healthier and in tune to live when I have time for quiet reflection. If only we could slow down the whole world, I think life would be better for all of us!

  2. I did have a blessed day yesterday. Did the shopping for a new TV for my mother in law, and picked up a poinsettia for her. Got some presents, including some for myself. Didn’t get much sleep, but got a lot of things done. I haven’t had a down day like yours for a long time, but perhaps one day. I have crocheting projects that need to be finished.

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