Gratitude Challenge – November 18 – Thankful for Faith to Overcome Fear

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I am thankful for faith to overcome fear and worry. Whether founded or unfounded, fear and trepidation are running rampant in the world today. There never seems to be a shortage of things to worry about, and they can vary from something mildly concerning (“Did I turn off the lights?” “Did I put the clothes in the dryer?”) to genuine fear for health, safety, and even our lives. God promises to be with us always and He knows what is going on even when we don’t; He has assigned guardian angels to us. Numerous scriptures throughout the Bible emphasize the importance of NOT worrying, because it adds nothing positive to our lives.



So onto today’s inspirational thought…


“Someone once said,

‘Worry is interest paid on trouble

before trouble falls due.’

Trying to solve tomorrow’s problems today

only steals the energy

God has prearranged for you

to enjoy today.

Don’t waste your time worrying!

It is vain and useless.

Many of our worries

are unfounded and unnecessary.

Worry is the end of faith,

and faith is the end of worry.

Prayer must replace our worry.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:


I have noticed the truth of this; worrying drains our energy! My favorite line in this devotional is this one: “Worry is the end of faith, and faith is the end of worry.”  I definitely prefer to choose faith over worry!


Hubby Dave and I had the opportunity to give in to worry today when our oldest pup, 4-year-old Desi, began showing all the signs of having a UTI. I believe God intervened so we were able to get her into our vet’s only open appointment slot; caught the UTI in very early stages; and got our pup on antibiotics.


Desi sitting up like a person next to Dave.
Desi sitting up like a person next to Dave (and little Zoe is lying on the couch next to Desi).


So what are YOUR thoughts?


If you are participating in the Gratitude Challenge this month, how is it going?


Do you agree that worry is draining, while faith is invigorating?





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  1. I’m glad your Desi is o.k. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Gratitude is where it’s at and it’s how I start and end my day. It makes all the difference.

  3. I think your quotes will help many.Faith is truly end of worry .Great post
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  4. Gratitude must be in our daily lives every day. It makes us humble and aware of how much do we need each other.

  5. Glad things worked out. I review my gratitude list often. I have to as a caregiver I must get out of the thoughts of death and dying. Thanks for sharing.

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