Grace and Favor – February 16 Inspiration

Grace and favor.  Kindness we need for ourselves, as well as to extend to others. Grace, in relation to God, is His unmerited divine assistance and power. Favor is a friendly gesture, gracious kindness, or a special privilege. Definitely things we need in our lives everyday!



Here’s your inspiration for this Tuesday…



“Grace is God’s power coming to us free of charge

to help us do with ease

what we could never accomplish on our own.

Grace is freeing!

I cannot make myself acceptable to all people,

and neither can you,

but we can believe God will give us favor

with the people He wants us involved with.

Sometimes we try to have relationships with people

God does not even want us to be associated with.

Know who we are in Christ sets us free

from the need to impress others.

Once we know who we are and accept ourselves,

we no longer have anything to prove.

If God is for you, who can be against you?”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I know I usually pray everyday thanking God for His grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness. And I pray for His divine favor on a regular basis, because I’ve experienced answers to prayer that have no other explanation than being God’s grace and favor.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you had experiences that are obviously results of someone’s grace or favor?

Do you try to extend grace and favor to others?


Random CUTENESS!  Little Thor and Smokey.
                      Random CUTENESS!
                    Little Thor and Smokey.

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  1. I try, but it doesn’t always work out that way sadly!

  2. Beautiful posts. Sometimes it is hard to show gratitude for all things, but it is so worth it.

  3. That’s really inspiring. Happiness if one of the best feelings life can offer but it doesn’t come to you when you are not full of love and gratitude. When you are content and grateful for what you have, happiness is not so far along.

  4. Beautiful post! I see things every day that I’m sure are the results of God’s favor – yet I’m not very good at extending grace. I’m too cynical. Definitely something I need to work on 🙁

  5. Thanks for sharing this spiritual devotion with me. Grace & favor this day I am grateful.

  6. Thanks for sharing this devotion. I’m so glad that you written about devotion

  7. Love the passion with which you write it’s a very beautiful and inspiring message you’re sending to the universe and with it your’re helping a lot of people finding their happines
    Amy Jones recently posted..How to look stylish at WorkMy Profile

  8. I definitely have received God’s Grace from others. I try my best to extend grace to others. I am not where I would like to be but I try every day. Great post!
    1stopmom recently posted..Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie RecipeMy Profile

  9. We should always be grateful for what we have no matter how little it may seems. We as humans however do make mistakes and that is fine as long as we don’t harm others and learn from those mistakes.
    Bismah recently posted..Try Green Kid Crafts for Free + Huge Giveaway!My Profile

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