Giving Preference and Accepting Changes – July 8 Devotions

Giving Preference and Accepting Changes – July 8 Devotions

So we have arrived at our midweek day of the first full week of July. Our summer weather here in Maine seems to have arrived for real (finally), as temps have been hitting the 80s, plus more humidity. Now it feels like we might actually be able to make plans for summer activities, such as going to the ocean and the annual clam festival and craft fair.


So onto today’s devotions.



“Giving preference to others requires a willingness to adapt and adjust. It means to allow another to go first or to have the best of something.


We show preference when we allow someone with fewer groceries in his cart than we have in ours to go in front of us at the supermarket checkout counter, or when we are waiting in line to use a public restroom and someone  behind us in line is pregnant or elderly and we choose to let that individual go ahead of us.


Each time we show preference, we have to make a mental adjustment. We were planning to be first, but we decide to be second. We are in a hurry, but we decide to wait on someone else who seems to have a greater need.


A person is not yet rooted and grounded in love until he or she has learned to show preference to others (see Ephesians 3:17). Don’t just learn to adjust, but learn to do it with a good attitude. Learning to do these things is learning to walk in love.”


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”




“If it seems you have been struggling forever with negative things in your life, don’t despair. There is a time and season for everything, and bad things ultimately give way to better things. Even the good things going on in your life may not stay exactly the same, because things are always changing.


Sometimes changes are exciting…and sometimes they are difficult. But Jesus never changes–and as long as you keep your eyes on Him, you will make it through the changes in your life and continue growing.


Be careful not to get too attached to people, places, positions, or things, but always be free to move with the Spirit. Let go of what lies behind and press on to what lies ahead (see Philippians 3:13-14).


Reach toward the new horizon God has for you. You will be glad you did.”


–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”



My reflections:


-1- It’s interesting how strong our own wills are sometimes to just ignore others when we have our own agendas. We might be in a hurry or just maybe not feel especially benevolent some days, yet showing preference to others is the right way to act. I know there have been those times I’ve let others go ahead of me at the store, and they’re usually kind of surprised but always grateful. It’s the little things that can bring great joy sometimes!


-2- Yeah, changes can be challenging. These past two months while recovering from surgery have been quite the drastic change from hubby’s and my normal routines. Yet we’ve actually grown closer during this time and discovered the importance of  team work as I’ve gradually been able to start performing certain tasks again, but still need his help with other things.




So what are YOUR thoughts?


-1- Do you regularly show preference to others? Can you think of a specific example you can share?


-2- How do you deal with changes?


17 thoughts on “Giving Preference and Accepting Changes – July 8 Devotions

  1. I’d like to think that I show preference for others but I’m not always good at that. Still, I am a work in progress and, if I don’t do well today, there is always tomorrow! I can try harder and I can focus more on others, and I can be more the person that Jesus would want me to be!
    Change is challenging for me but I try to welcome it and accommodate myself to it. This is another area in which I can definitely improve.
    Alice Gerard recently posted..Restaurant review!!! Delicious Thai food!My Profile

  2. I would like to think that I show preference to others. I always look for a way to help people in need. I always look for a way to make a difference. In terms of change? The name of my blog is Play It By Ear, and so I think that I deal with change pretty well. My wife may have a different take on this, 🙂 But I think that this is a great post. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day

    David Hunte recently posted..Keep On PlayingMy Profile

  3. I’m trying to put my mother first. I would rather stay up in my apartment and do my own thing but I decided to take time to watch a few programs with her since she is by herself most of the day. So, it’s off to watch TV now.
    Thanks, K. Lee!
    Love your mid-week devotionals!
    Amy Bovaird recently posted..Examining ‘Blindness’ PrejudiceMy Profile

  4. I believe I show preference for others. I usually let others go first in the grocery store if they have less than me. And I have received the same from others.

    Unfortunately I hate change. I don’t take it well. Even makes me angry at times. I need to learn patience and to accept that sometimes things must change.
    Tessa recently posted..600th post – AmazingMy Profile

  5. I LOVE John Maxwell and I completely believe how to change our lives is in our daily activities, compounded over time. Change can be really hard for me… when I know something is about to change, like my son going to kindergarten in the fall, I started my “grieving process” in January! Today… I’m ok with him starting!
    Ashley recently posted..I Should Hate You, But I Don’tMy Profile

  6. As a mom, I think over time you naturally develop an ability to put others first. As my kids are getting older and starting to leave the nest, however, I can see it getting a bit harder to be so generous with my new-found “me time”!
    Love the devotionals…I have a lot of change coming down the pike in my life. Some good, some bad, gonna have to roll with it all, tho!
    Pat Fenner recently posted..Reviving The Lost Art of MentoringMy Profile

  7. I give preference and I try to help if I can. Like Trudy, I think about my parents and grandparents. I would wish for them to get help and respect when they need it and I am not with them.

  8. It is interesting for me that you ask how people deal with change. I use to think that I was good at it, but then one day someone mentioned on a blog post, that perhaps we deal with change well when we implement the change and we are happy about it. But what about when the change is imposed upon us and it is out of our control. So then I had to really think about how I deal with that kind of change. I do get stressed out, depending on the impact of the change. But looking back over the years, I realize that even what I viewed as “negative” changes, usually, somehow, had a positive outcome, and the change really was in my best interest 🙂
    Sicorra@NotNowMomsBusy recently posted..Personal Finance ManagementMy Profile

  9. I like the definition of Preference meaning we want to go first but we go second. I have been trying to do this more often lately. I find it actually makes me feel better than if I get to go first. Giving to others is one of the greatest things we can do for others and for ourselves.

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