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Getting What We Don’t Deserve vs. Not Getting What We Do Deserve – June 20 Inspiration


Happy First Day of Summer!  Our weather today was certainly indicative of summer. It was quite humid and hit 80 degrees.


Do you know the difference between GRACE and MERCY? I’ve always been taught the difference is this:

GRACE = Getting what we don’t deserve

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense


MERCY = Not getting what we do deserve


Here’s your first day of summer inspiration…

“You can have a brand new start today.

Allow God’s mercy to strengthen and heal you

before starting your routine activities.

Receive His healing power,

and let its grace work in you.

Today can be effortless

as you depend on God’s grace

to do what He has called you to do.”

–Joyce Meyer

My reflections:

I have this quote printed out and tacked to the wall above my desk, so I read it every day–sometimes multiple times a day. There’s definitely some  truth to the part about days being effortless (or at least considerably less effort) when I depend on God’s grace and plan for the day, than when I try to go it alone and spend the day struggling and discouraged.

So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you pondered the difference between grace and mercy?

Does an early morning time of prayer or meditation make your day easier?


  1. Alana

    I do blogging in the morning, before I start my preparations for going to work. It’s not quite prayer or meditation, but it helps to center me, I believe.

    21 . Jun . 2016
  2. John Miller

    Early mornings in the Word help me immensely especially if I journal about it!

    21 . Jun . 2016
  3. Rachel Mouton

    I cannot believe it’s the first day of summer already! It will be over before we know it. The heat definitely lets us know what season we’re in 🙂

    21 . Jun . 2016
  4. Sarah Bailey

    Happy First Day of Summer – I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by! I hope the Summer treats us all well 🙂 x

    21 . Jun . 2016
  5. tara pittman

    Every day I am thankful for grace and mercy. Prayer is important to me.

    21 . Jun . 2016
  6. Stephanie Ortez

    Hi! meditation and prayer help me a lot. Before I get busy with my kids & work, I need at least 5 mins to pray, meditate and be grateful for everything I have. 🙂

    21 . Jun . 2016
  7. LIz Mays

    I’ve never started my day like that, but my mom does. I know it has helped her a lot over the years.

    21 . Jun . 2016
  8. Sandy KS

    I really don’t have a clue what grace really is. I have heard the word many times in talk. But not sure what it means.

    I know what mercy is. Not grace.

    21 . Jun . 2016
  9. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    What a beautiful inspiring quote! This is so true. We must put God first and let Him guide you to fulfill His plans for you. Many times I get to the end of the day frustrated with tasks left half done. I found out that when I pray and give thanks to Him at the first moments when I get up in the morning, I am more energized and able to accomplish more.

    21 . Jun . 2016
  10. Amy Jones

    Very inspirational and thoughtful words. Thanks a lot for sharing them 🙂

    21 . Jun . 2016
  11. Lexie Lane

    God’s grace is always sufficient. There may be times that our prayers are not answered but we never know what’s really good for us until it happened to us.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  12. Elizabeth O.

    I love that quote! It’s definitely a great way to remind yourself that it’s all up to God. I love reflecting in the morning, it makes me feel more prepared for the day ahead.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  13. Enricoh Alfonzo

    Yay! Happy #SummerSolstice 🙂 Awesome post. I do affirmation cards every morning and a gratitude list atleast twice a week to remain humble and teachable

    22 . Jun . 2016
  14. Nicole Escat

    I like the meaning of grace. Our salvation is God’s grace- we get it if we are not the ones who paid for it.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  15. Nikki Jenner

    We can’t measure how big God’s grace and God’s mercy are. They are both endless to all of us.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  16. christina aliperti

    That’s a great way to explain mercy and grace. It truly sums it up in such an easy to understand way and makes it easy to apply to real life stuff for anyone.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  17. Robin Rue

    I love to start my mornings off early so that I have some personal reflection time before my kids get up. It’s a great start to my day.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  18. Krystle Cook

    I have not really thought about the difference between mercy and grace but you spell it out so nicely here. I think I need to take time and slow down some and reflect more during the day. Maybe I will be less stressed.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  19. Dina Demarest

    I can not believe that it is summer already. It feels like it was just the start of the new year. I love this post because it pushed me to think in ways that I hadn’t in a while.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  20. Dhemz

    80s are not that bad compared to ours here in Texas…we have nearly hit 3 digits this week!

    A morning prayer is a great way to start a day! Thanks for sharing!

    22 . Jun . 2016
  21. Rosey

    If I miss my time with God, or even a service on Sunday something feels off. So.. I try not to. 🙂

    22 . Jun . 2016
  22. Courtney Gillard

    God is truly wonderful. He gives us grace and mercy without hesitation.

    22 . Jun . 2016
  23. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    I believe that we always get what we deserve in life. We may not like it or have asked for it but we get what we need to at all times.

    23 . Jun . 2016
  24. Patricia

    What a great way to start the day. I wish I am more organized to meditate daily.

    23 . Jun . 2016
  25. Leigh Anne Borders

    This is so true! We love a God that is filled with so much grace. I am so thankful for that grace as that has helped me through life’s storms.

    25 . Jun . 2016

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