Get Off the Performance Treadmill – September 8 Inspiration

Get Off the Performance Treadmill – September 8 Inspiration

Get off the performance treadmill! Do you ever feel like a hamster in an exercise wheel? Running and running and running, but your performance gets you nowhere, and only leaves you exhausted and frustrated, maybe even struggling with guilt over what you have NOT accomplished?  If so, it really is time to make some constructive changes to enhance your performance and productivity, which can in turn increase your self-confidence and motivation.




So here’s your inspiration for today…


“If you spend years

on the performance treadmill

of the world,

it it hard to get off.

When you are addicted

to feeling good about yourself

only when you perform well,

you are in for a life of misery.

It is a cycle of trying and failing,

trying harder and failing again,

and feeling guilty and rejected.

If you are trapped

on the performance treadmill,

ask God to break the cycle in your life.

Let your confidence be based

on who you are in Christ.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”




My reflections:


Ah yes, the performance treadmill–one type of treadmill we do NOT want to use, because it is NOT healthy for us! Another concept that is about our worth being based on our “who” rather than on our “do.” Not sure why that’s so hard to grasp sometimes!



So what are YOUR thoughts?


Have you ever been or are you now stuck on that performance treadmill?


What strategies do you have in place to help you get off that treadmill?





One thought on “Get Off the Performance Treadmill – September 8 Inspiration

  1. I have not been on that performance treadmill for a very long time. Many years ago I made the decision that I and my marriage come before what I do for a living (just as one example). Although it’s true, I could also stand to take a little less time to blog, too.

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