Gathering Courage to Step Out of Our Comfort Zones

Gathering Courage to Step Out of Our Comfort Zones


Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones…

Necessary for Growth!



I am thankful for God’s guidance that enables us to step out of our comfort zones. Even reading those words, or saying them out loud, can cause anxiety and make you feel uncomfortable. I liken it to feeling all cozy and comfy under a warm quilt on a winter morning, but then the alarm goes off and you have to face the chill as you reluctantly throw the covers back. Definitely stepping out of your comfort zone then!




Here’s your midweek inspiration…

“If God is asking you to step out into something that is uncomfortable for you, I can assure you that when you take the step of faith, you will find Him walking right beside you.

When you want to do something, don’t let yourself think about all the things that could go wrong. Be positive and think about the exciting things that can happen.

Your attitude makes all the difference in your life. Have a positive, aggressive, take-action attitude, and you will enjoy your life more.

Taking action may be difficult at first, but will be worth it in the end.

Pray: ‘Lord, I rest in the knowledge that where You guide, You also provide. My one desire is to walk with You and to always  be at Your side. Amen.’” 

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My Reflections


Ahh, the whole “stepping out of your comfort zone” issue! Stepping out, trusting God, maintaining a positive attitude, and believing change is a beginning, not an ending…sounds like a plan!!

So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Do you feel you should be in a different place in your life?


Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone with a good attitude, to pursue your destiny and potential based on your true worth?





3 thoughts on “Gathering Courage to Step Out of Our Comfort Zones

  1. I believe stepping out of my comfort zone is where the magic happens – I just got back from taking 15 teens on a service trip to Nicaragua, and I can testify that it is true!

  2. Comfort zone is where dreams go to die! Great post, I make an effort to never get comfortable in anything I do! Keep striving for greatness

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