Fulfilling Potential Requires a Plan – August 11 Inspiration

Fulfilling Potential Requires a Plan – August 11 Inspiration

The second weekend of August is nearly here, already. How’s the weather in your part of the world? We’re having very hot, humid summer days here in Maine.

How’s your summer going? Perhaps you have had to change plans for one reason or another. Many things in life have potential–WE have potential in our lives–but fulfilling that potential requires a plan. And sometimes, we even need to have flexibility within that plan, just in case a new opportunity presents itself.



Now onto your Thursday inspiration…

“Potential cannot manifest without form.

To develop potential properly,

you must have a plan and pray over that plan,

you must have a purpose,

and you must be doing something.

Many people are unhappy because

they aren’t doing anything

to develop their potential.

In fact, many of them never

develop their potential because

they don’t do anything except complain

that they’re not doing anything!

If you want to see your potential

developed to its fullness,

don’t wait until everything is perfect.

Do something now. Start laying your hand

to whatever is in front of you.

You cannot start at the finish line.

You must start at the beginning like everybody else.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:


This one is so fitting right now,  as I continue on this journey toward fulfilling my potential in my education and my career.


I like the concept that potential requires a form in order to manifest. For example, when you want to bake a cake, you have to gather all your ingredients, preheat the oven, and prepare your pan. You can follow the directions to make the cake, but without the pan (the form), your cake will never manifest or become reality. The mixed ingredients are present, and the conditions are right (preheated oven), yet without pouring the batter into that pan, the potential of the batter becoming a cake will not be fulfilled.


So what are  YOUR thoughts?


What are you doing to fulfill your potential?


Do you have a plan and a purpose to help you manifest your potential?




3 thoughts on “Fulfilling Potential Requires a Plan – August 11 Inspiration

  1. At this point in my life, I don’t ever expect things to go as planned. LOL! I have a solid foundation based in faith. Faith in God and faith in myself. With those two, I know I can conquer all.

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