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Fresh Start February – February 1 Inspiration


The first day of the month, to me, always represents the opportunity for a fresh start.  I’ve been busy all day checking things off my “To Do” list–or as I prefer to call it, my Action List. I’ve even decided to use color-coded note cards to organize my various daily activities, such as household chores and tasks, freelance work, blogging tasks, and sewing and crafting.

While I did accomplish a decent number of goals in January, I’m glad today, February 1st, is the first day of Fresh Start February! Or as I saw somewhere on Facebook, January was a trial run, so February is a “do-over” month to start fresh!


Here is some inspiration for you on this first day of February…

“Proud people compare themselves to others

and feel superior if they are able to do something

others cannot do.

You should judge yourself soberly,

knowing that without God,

you can do nothing of value.

Success only comes by His grace.

Your accomplishments and abilities

are not yours to take credit for–

they are gifts from a loving Father.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right


My reflections:

I’ve been a victim of proud people and their mean-spirited words; I’ve unfortunately also had my moments of pride when I’ve said hurtful things, and I’ve had to ask forgiveness.

It is much better to judge only ourselves and not others, and to thank God for His grace and mercy, and His many gifts.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you have special plans for February? Do you feel like it’s a fresh start?

Have you ever been a victim of a proud person or spoken prideful words yourself? Do you agree that your success only comes from God, by His grace?


A 2-piece nursery set I made for a customer.


  1. michelle

    i have certainly been a victim as a proud person as i’m sure we all have but i agree that it is much better to judge ourselves over others

    01 . Feb . 2016
  2. Beth@FrugalFroggie

    I am excited about February since I feel like I have started to get my rhythm down and my schedule mastered. Famous last words. Ha!

    02 . Feb . 2016
  3. tara pittman

    Febuary is a new month and will be a fresh start for me. Just like every day I get a new start

    02 . Feb . 2016
  4. Salma

    I like the idea of a fresh start. There is no need to wait for a new year to do that!

    02 . Feb . 2016
  5. Elizabeth O.

    There are always going to be proud people wherever you go. The trick is to not be bothered by them. I love starting fresh everyday, it’s a good mind set.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  6. nicole escat

    Fresh start for the month of february. I hope we all had a wonderful month. keep safe everyone.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  7. Sarah Charmley

    I like the hope that February brings: the days are starting to get lighter (in the UK anyway), the spring bulbs are starting to bloom and there is the beginning of a promise of new life.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  8. Erlene

    Yes, January seems so busy with tasks. February will be my calm and less stressful month to start fresh.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  9. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I like to think each month is a fresh start. I love a clean slate.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  10. Lexie Lane

    I have a plan to spend more time with my family. Hope I will have a good month.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  11. Liz Mays

    I’m sure we’ve all been on both ends of the pridefulness equation. 🙁 And here’s to fresh starts with new months.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  12. Claudette

    Everyday is a fresh start for me! Great post.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  13. 1stopmom

    I can definitely see the new month as a fresh start. I am looking forward to new experiences and opportunities that will come my way.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  14. Maddie

    This is a wonderful post. I love your quilts.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  15. Ana De- Jesus

    I want to start afresh too and begin again!

    02 . Feb . 2016
  16. Amy Jones

    Amazing post love the possitive message. I believe everyday presents an oportunity to satart again

    02 . Feb . 2016
  17. Shaylee @ Data Nerds

    I always wake up believing it’s a new day and a fresh start! 🙂 It’s especially true on Mondays or the 1st of the month (or year)!

    02 . Feb . 2016
  18. Chanelle

    Without Him I would be a basketcase. All I do is for His glory. 🙂

    02 . Feb . 2016
  19. Mardene Carr

    YES to both…lol. The minute I have spoken in pride though I am reminded by the Holy Spirit that this is not good….sometimes I don’t want to hear it…LOL but thankful for it. As to the other part I think I will just leave that be…

    02 . Feb . 2016
  20. Marielle Altenor

    January was busy busy! February I plan on taking it easy and starting fresh sounds like a great plan.

    02 . Feb . 2016
  21. Colette S

    I love that quote by Joyce Meyer.

    I don’t have any plans for February as yet, but I’m praying to heal from this surgery, so I can get around.

    Here’s to hoping for a blessed month for you!

    03 . Feb . 2016
  22. Rosey

    I can see how the first day of each month could represent a new start. I like it!

    03 . Feb . 2016

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