Freedom to Be You on Independence Day – July 4 Inspiration

Freedom to Be You on Independence Day – July 4 Inspiration

For my fellow Americans: Happy Independence Day! 🙂

On the topic of freedom on this July 4th: You can be free and  succeed at being YOU. Not someone else, but just you, yourself. It never really works to try to be someone else. It’s too much effort to put on a false front, and it puts us in a self-imposed prison. There’s much more freedom in being who God created us to be, in spite of faults and imperfections. Our true value is found in God and all He has done for us and given to us.

Here’s your inspiration for this Monday, July 4th…


“Are you tired of playing games,

wearing masks,

and trying to be  someone

other than who you are?

Wouldn’t you like the freedom

just to be acceptable as you are,

without pressure to be someone

you really don’t know how to be?

Would you like to learn

how to succeed at being yourself?

God wants you to accept yourself,

to like who you are, and to learn

to deal with your weaknesses.

Everyone has weaknesses,

but God doesn’t want you

to reject yourself because of them.

If you base your value on your weaknesses,

you will underestimate your value.

Your worth is not based on anything

you do, but on what God

has already done.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

This one is a good reminder to just be who we are destined to be and fulfill our own potential, being genuine instead of fake. I also like the emphasis on exercising freedom to be ourselves.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you have trouble to just accept yourself and enjoy being you?

Are you experiencing freedom and succeeding at being yourself?






26 thoughts on “Freedom to Be You on Independence Day – July 4 Inspiration

  1. I notice that as I age, self-acceptance gets easier. Life is a great teacher and I’ve learned so much. Thanks for this great post!

  2. I hate pretending and I don’t like dishonesty. It’s so much better to be yourself, that way you won’t have to lie to yourself and to the people around you. It’s also a great way to see who will accept you and stay in your life and who will leave.

  3. One thing I work on daily is being who God has designed me to be. Leaving to fulfill my purpose. This shift in thinking has been liberating and has resulted in a happier me. It has also made me unwilling to settle for the “norm”. Live Bold.

    Praying your success,

  4. I know people having trouble accepting themselves for what they are because of other people and that’s a real crime against humanity. I love this post’s angle towards this subject stemming from the topic of freedom.

  5. I think self acceptance is hard at times. I do accept myself though. I think it’s very important to do so. I don’t let anyone ever get in my way either.

  6. It is nice to be always you any day! I hate when I am not myself especially if I am not comfortable with the people around me.

  7. I’ve had trouble in the past but found as i got older the less i cared about the haters and the doubters opinions of me.
    Happy Independence Day!
    just watched the movie, was great

  8. I love this because I always feel that we should be unique and authentic to who we really are. You will be accepted but just be bold, brave and beautiful just like you are.

  9. LOL, I like the flawesome awesome encouragement. Laugh and learn from failure. Live where we are fully present.And the future will arrive in due time…..nice blog ….love it!

  10. I don’t have any trouble accepting the real me. You don’t have to show off, and make yourself perfect just because of others.

  11. Succeeding at being myself… I love that. What a marvelous post and idea to bring to light. I do believe I am successful at being me 🙂 It is when one attempts to be something that they are not that trouble sets in.

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