Follow-up Friday – Phase 2 Recovery Begins – May 29

Follow-up Friday – Phase 2 Recovery Begins – May 29

Happy last Friday in May! I apologize for my absence for three days, but since I’m still typing with only my left hand, I’m not going to try to make up the missing days’ posts. I’m calling this “Follow-up Friday” so I can share what has happened since I last posted on Monday.


Thumb Surgery Process So Far.
Thumb Surgery Process So Far.


*Tuesday the 26th

On Tuesday, I had the sutures removed from the incision and got a new splint that I will now have to wear for at least another six weeks. The whole day was a bit of a challenge and really wore me out. It was a very humid day in the 80s, and after such a late start to our spring due to the LONG winter, we’re just not ready for the humidity of summer already! Between that, getting the sutures out, and having my thumb and hand manipulated after not using them for nearly two weeks, I was in a lot of pain and ended up sleeping for a few hours after the appointment. I woke up long enough to have supper and visit with my darling hubby, then went to bed early.




*Wednesday the 27th

I woke up the second time (after Dave went to work at 5:30) to a phone call from my mom-in-law around 9:45 saying she wouldn’t be making it over because she was not feeling well. Not sure if we shared germs or if it was just the heat, but we both seemed to have intestinal issues. It was a long, difficult day and demonstrated to me how helpless I feel not having the use of my right hand. Spent most of the day sleeping again!




*Thursday the 28th

My “three things Thursday” primarily consisted of:

1- Reading.

2- Visiting with my mom-in-law when she stopped by, even though she still wasn’t feeling 100% well.

3- Sleeping.




*Friday the 29th

The first part of today involved mostly sleeping.  It’s amazing how much pain can drain your energy! That, and just feeling rather helpless and useless. My hubby only worked a half day (it’s all overtime on Fridays, because Dave works four 10-hour days from Monday to Thursday) and the day got better when he came home. Just getting the chance to talk abut how I was feeling AND taking a shower can make such a big difference! It’s the little things sometimes, the things we often take for granted…until we can’t do them for some reason!


So what have you been up to this week?

Have you had the experience of feeling tired and helpless due to an injury or surgery, and the subsequent recovery period?



16 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday – Phase 2 Recovery Begins – May 29

  1. I know injury and illness can cause depression. And I know pain can do the same. I hope you will be pain and depression free soon.

  2. I had a similar experience the Christmas before last when I broke my thumb joint. I wore that splint for 6 weeks on my left hand, which I’d used to break my fall. It’s amazing what you CAN’T do without the use of one hand. Sleep as much as your body requires and heal well. Hugs.

  3. My husband had and I know how frustrated he was when he can’t do things for himself. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. I know what you’re going through. I have a similar experience after my surgery in 2008 and it was so sad on days when I’m not allowed to leave the house because of the wound- stitches ( near my neck ). But anyways, things did get better even if it felt like forever. I hope you get better soon. Sending you virtual hugs 🙂
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