1. I learn from the past and concentrate on the now. Sigh! I sound soooo boring don’t I? I can’t help being a goody-goody. But, this is not the case for my husband, who clings onto the past with a ferocious grip. We’re all different. Tha’s what makes life interesting.

  2. Something I heard over the weekend reminded me of what I’ve already learned – that memory changes over time and can be influence by how we feel right now.

    So, if I’m reminded of a happy memory but am not feeling very happy right now when I remember the memory, the memory becomes tinged with my sadness forever.

    Over time, the memory will be different than what actually happened.

    The science behind it is so solid that the courts are considering not letting testimony based on memory be admissable in court.

    So, my point is that looking back doesn’t matter so much anyway. We probably don’t remember what happened anyway.
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