Focus on the Positive – Turn Away from the Negative – August 20 Inspiration

Focus on the positive. Turn away from the negative. Sometimes easier said than done, but focusing on the positive while not allowing negative thoughts to overwhelm us, usually yields a good outcome.

Here are your inspirational thoughts for this Saturday, just past mid-August…


“Jesus came to open the prison doors

and set the captives free.

You will only begin to progress

when you start to believe

you can experience freedom.

You must have a  positive vision for your life–

a vision for a future

not determined by your past

or even your present circumstances.

Exercise your faith and take a positive look

at the possibilities God has planned for you.

Begin to ‘call those things that be not

as though they are’ (Romans 4:17).

Think and speak about your future

in a positive way,

according to what God has placed in your heart.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending  Your Day Right”


My reflections:

It does amaze me how different even a single day is depending on whether I have a negative or positive outlook on it. Positive is so much better! I like that emphasis on not letting negative thoughts control us.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you agree with the idea of positive thinking?

Have you experienced the difference between positive and negative thinking?

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  1. Totally agree with the philosophy of positive thinking. It is not the same as unrealistic thinking. You can look at many things from different angles. Why not choose the angle which will carry you forward?

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