Finding Fault or Offering Mercy – What Would the Golden Rule Dictate?

Living by

the Golden Rule…

In conjunction with yesterday’s post about extending and receiving forgiveness, today’s post focuses on the related idea of choosing whether to find fault with others or offer them mercy. Doing unto others as we would want them to do for us leaves only one choice: Offer mercy!



Here’s your inspiration for today…

“We make excuses for our own behavior, but when someone else does the same thing we do, we are often merciless. In other words, the very same thing that we judge others for, we do ourselves.

Doing unto others as we want them to do to us (see Matthew 7:12) is a good life principle that will prevent a lot of judgment and criticism, if followed. A judgmental mind is an offshoot of a negative mind–thinking about what is wrong with an individual instead of what is right.

**Be positive and not negative!**

Others will benefit,

but you will benefit more than anyone else.”


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”



My Reflections

Oh, how easy this is to do – point out faults in someone else, yet they are often are OWN faults that we can’t see or won’t acknowledge. Yet, that’s probably why they look so familiar to us! In psychology, it’s called projection, a defense mechanism by which we deny the existence of our own faults and unpleasant characteristics, and assign them to and see them in others.

We seem to forget other people don’t like being reminded of their faults any more than we do–and it’s always important to practice that “Golden Rule” of  “Doing unto others as we want them to do to us.”  If we don’t follow that rule, we are just as guilty as other people are of finding fault with others while not working on ourselves and correcting  our own faults.




So What Are YOUR Thoughts?

Do you ever wonder why certain traits in other people make you so annoyed?

Do you sometimes realize you have struggles in the same areas in your life?



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  1. This is a good reminder about kindness. These days, with all of the toxic commentary that you’ll see on social media, this reminder is needed more than ever.

  2. I think you’re right: When we get mad at someone else, it’s often for the same things we do ourselves. It’s easier to look outward than inward. Brenda
    1010ParkPlace recently posted..To Blonde or Not Too BlondeMy Profile

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